100 Year Celebration

100 years of safe and effective pest control

2018 marks the 100-year celebration of Flick Anticimex, what was first known as W.A. Flick Pest Control. Founded in Sydney, NSW by William Albert Flick (1890-1980), Flick Anticimex has grown to be Australia’s largest pest control provider and a household name for reliable pest control. Journey with us through our 100-year timeline below![us_btn text=”Contact us” link=”url:%23contact|||” color=”green”]

Our timeline


W.A. Flick & Co. Pty Ltd was founded by pest exterminator, William Albert Flick. First operating in Sydney NSW, Mr. Flick and his ‘Flick Man’ crew provided reliable pest control treatments to the Sydney, Brisbane and coastal New South Wales regions. Mr Flick was also one of the first pioneers of the termite industry as he discovered a reliable solution to eradicate active termites, something that was not commonly nor easily solved back then.


Due to word-of-mouth recommendations, W.A. Flick ‘s pest control business was growing steadily, particularly their termite division. It was during this decade that W.A. first used the term ‘FLICKMAN’, which would then be used to identify the pest technicians working in central New South Wales (and eventually in coastal areas).


The 1930’s was a good decade for the Flick business. Flick Pest Control successfully expanded into the cyanide fumigation of cockroaches and bedbugs in ships and hotels, and the business was thriving. Branches were being set up around the country in various states, including in Queensland and South Australia. It was also in the 1930’s that the slogan ‘Remember – one Flick and they’re gone’ was devised. While at the Royal Easter Show showing off his woodchopping skills, W.A. Flick encountered a signwriter who came up with the one Flick slogan. From there, the slogan was used on billboard and radio advertisements, solidifying Flick as a household name for pest control.


Just as World War II began in 1939, growth for the business came to a sudden halt, with many men (unmarried and under 21) conscripted to go to battle. However, during the war years, the Armed Services called on Flick to conduct pest control work for local hospitals and barracks. After the war ended in 1945, Flick staff returned and got back to developing the business. The following growth and development was unprecedented and so the business was in dire need of reorganisation, with W.A. Flick passing on more managerial responsibilities to his sons and sons-in-law. 


Flick branches were planted in nearly every main city in Australia, with Flickmen conducting their trusted pest control services in a variety of residential and commercial properties. It was also during this time that Flick ventured into retail. We launched a range of residential products.


Did you know? The Flick name was not just infamous in Australia but also in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Hawaii. It was during the 1960’s that Flick established themselves in fifteen overseas locations. At this point, management had already been passed to the Flick sons, with William Flick in retirement.


Flick was still going strong in the 1980’s. We were (and are still) known as Australia’s largest pest control company with branches all across the nation. On 10 May 1980, William Albert Flick passed away in Newport, NSW. He was survived by his four children and wife. 


In 2002, we were acquired by leading facility services provider, ISS World. It was through this acquisition that Flick ventured into washroom and hygiene services, further strengthening our range of solutions and diversifying our customer base.


This was our busiest decade and saw the biggest growth of our company. In 2013, the pest control and hygiene services of ISS were acquired by Anticimex, Sweden’s largest pest control company. From 2013 onwards, we were officially known as Flick Anticimex. It was also in this year that we entered the New Zealand market. In 2015, Flick Anticimex acquired the Enviropest Group, including Enviropest, 1300Termite, Termguard and Granitguard. Shortly after, in late 2016, we acquired Amalgamated Pest Control, a leading pest control provider in the Queensland region.


For the past 100 years, we have met the demands for healthy environments, effective pest control, and cleaner washrooms through prevention, new technology, and sustainable solutions. Today, Flick Anticimex employs around 1,150 people and service 1.2 million customers.

We are a part of the Anticimex Group with a presence in 17+ countries and 2.5 million customers worldwide, and we are just only continuing to expand. Despite our growth, we are still committed to protecting customers from the harms of pests and unhygienic washrooms.

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Customer Reviews


“Marc has done my house for years, I would highly recommend him, whatever company he works for.”

-Rowena Robinson, Belconnen ACT


“Your service both during my phone call to the office and the termite inspection were excellent”

-Sandra Naismith, Mudgee NSW


“We had our routine pest control completed last week by Gregory Edwards and I would like to commend him on his professionalism and attitude. He was polite, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure our treatment was up to standard. What a lovely man.”

-Logan Community Care Unit for QLD Health, Logan Central QLD


“I am very happy with the service. The team leader has gone out of her way to make sure all requirements are met.”

-Queensland Alumina, Gladstone QLD


“Really wonderful service from all staff, can’t say enough thanks.”

-Sandra Bennett, Woodroffe NT


“Very professional and took the time to explain the job and a few areas of concern to look into. … I was very happy with the job they have done.”

-ARB Corporation, NT


“It was good service – I’m still waiting on some of your competitors to phone me back and your company has already finished the job!!! I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for pest services.”

-Department of Local Government & Community Services, Northern Territory Government


“Marvin did a great job. He was professional and did a great job!”

-Mary Papas, Padstow NSW


“Very happy with the quality of the service and the professionalism of the technician.”

-Andres Czajkowski, Johnston NT


“Our pest man is amazing. Always a pleasure to have in my store.”

-Joan Hearne, Alfredton VIC


“I would like to thank Gareth, Kristie, Jaclyn, and especially the technician John for all their help in relieving my distress… I have not experienced any issues since he’s left and I really want to express my gratitude towards their helpfulness and compassion towards me.”

-Joan Hearne, Alfredton VIC