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Spiders are one of those pests that can be friend or foe. Spiders eat other insects and can actually help keep your home free from other pests. On the other hand, spider bites can be deadly. So, you want to try to keep your home spider-free.

Unfortunately, that can be a real challenge. Spiders play a big role in the Australian ecosystem. We have a variety of spiders that is unmatched in other places in the world. How vast is that variety? Australia has over 8,000 spider species. Some are tiny, while others are huge. Some are deadly, while others are merely a nuisance. Other nearby office include South Coast, Ulladulla, Wagga Wagga and Sydney. Whether you are looking for emergency pest control or simply seek a preventative pest control plan, give our team a call on 02 4243 7329.
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    Safe and effective spider treatment

    How do you know if a spider is dangerous? Well, you can use a spider guide to identify the spider type. The Redback spider and the Sydney Funnel-Web spider are two of Australia’s most deadly spiders. Fortunately, since the development of effective anti-venom injections, these spiders have not killed anyone in about four decades. Their bites are still unpleasant. They are also known for being aggressive, which is why it is important not to disturb them. Other dangerous spiders include mouse spiders, trap door spiders, and white-tailed spiders. For the most part, these spiders are non-aggressive and are only going to bit you if you disturb them.

    Unfortunately, you have to really get a good look to identify many spiders, which often means disturbing them. Since they scurry quickly and often live in dark places, that can be a challenge. A better idea is to leave it to pest control professionals. At Flick, we can respond quickly and efficiently to your spider problems. We can identify what type of spiders you have and create a plan to eliminate them.

    Canberra Spider Solutions

    One of the things many people do not realize about spiders is that they are a secondary pest. Spiders do not stay where they do not have a food source. Therefore, if you are noticing spiders in your home, you probably have other pests there as well. Treating your insect problem can go a long way to getting rid of the spiders in your home. At Flick, we not only eradicate the food source, but also develop a customized plan to get rid of your spiders, whether they are crawling, webbing, or deadly. Whether you see spiders, see egg sacs, or have an underlying insect problem that could attract spiders to your home, contact Flick. We will inspect your premises and develop a customized pest control plan to get you spider-free.

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    Flick’s expert spider control technicians offer not only residential pest control services but also offer industrial and commercial pest control. Nearby offices include South Coast, Sydney, Ulladulla and Wagga Wagga. Call the team on 02 6109 4100 for a preventative pest control plan or in the event that emergency pest control is required. It is important to contact the professionals at the first sign of an invasion by pests to avoid health risks and potential damage to property and belongings that can be caused by pests.