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How Flick Disinfected A COVID-Active Site For Community Safety


Flick has been in demand across Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing high-grade disinfecting services for businesses and residential spaces. These services are most crucial when coronavirus infection is suspected.

Our expert team recently neutralised a potentially Covid-active shop site in Sydney, to give both the proprietors and the community peace of mind.


The Challenge

As a respected and well-known fresh fruit provider, Hilltop Fruit Market in Sydney’s Merrylands takes hygiene very seriously. It’s a reason the family-run business has been a finalist in fresh food categories over the last few years in the Cumberland Local Business awards.

As an essential food business allowed to operate during lockdown restrictions, it is important that they maintain a trusted reputation for hygiene and quality, so that customers continue to feel safe shopping there.

Hilltop faced a huge challenge recently, when the store owner was diagnosed with Covid-19. While he recovered, his daughter needed to make sure the entire shop site was disinfected efficiently and thoroughly, before the shop re-opened for trading. It was also important to communicate defensive action to customers.

Naturally, she called in the experts…

The Solution

Flick uses a high-grade disinfectant misting service which kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.* The mist is non-toxic and binds to all surfaces, including hard-to-reach places.

Hilltop Fruit Market was assessed quickly, and a quote provided for two experienced technicians to attend and disinfect. The quote was approved by midday, with the request that it be completed ASAP.

The Flick team swung into action, closely following the guidelines set by our National Technical Team for infectious sites. Two highly skilled technicians were deployed; Michael Tram has been with Flick for over 10 years, while Marvin Victoria has 5 years of experience. Wearing head-to-toe personal protective equipment, the duo got to work!

The four-step process was implemented. A wipe-down and hand sanitation treatment was undertaken on high-touch areas such as food preparation food preparation benchtops, fridge door handles, doors and doorknobs, cash registers, front register bench tops, weighing equipment and bathrooms.

All exposed food was covered and secured before the high-grade disinfectant misting treatment was administered over all surfaces, binding it to both high-touch areas and more inaccessible places like ventilation grills.

The Result

Our dedicated fast response team completed the entire site disinfection by 5.30pm of the same day we were called. The actual time to set up and complete spraying was 1.5 hrs. The product neutralised any potential danger as it:

  • Contains a strong germicidal which kills Covid-19, bacteria and fungi*
  • Is non-toxic & environmentally friendly
  • Degrades naturally
  • Binds to all surfaces, including hard-to-reach places
  • Dries quickly, allowing re-entry to the site approximately one hour after treatment

Hilltop Fruit Market was ready to re-open for business the next day. We issued an Official Treatment Certificate that the owners could display onsite so that customers could feel secure. Flick’s disinfecting services are your best line of offence and defence against Covid-19.

*ARTG No. 336972


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