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Flick Gutter Shield are experts at supplying and installing a variety of gutter guard protection systems, serving commercial, domestic and industrial buildings of all sizes and types.

Flick Anticimex Adelaide is equipped with the expertise and the best products to guard your gutters all year round against birds, possums, rats, other vermin, debris, and leaves. We have extensive experience in the field of gutter guarding, and can offer tailor-made solutions no matter the type of roof, gutter or structure.

Flick Gutter Shield enables water to course unobstructed through your pipes and gutters, thereby prolonging their lifespan. Using our gutter shield will also keep your gutters clean maximising rainwater collection and cleaner water quality.

This service is currently only available in Adelaide, however, we may expand into other areas of Australia in the near future. To contact Adelaide for gutter guard services, contact our team here.

Gutter Guard Services:

Leaf protection

Our method of gutter guard installation keeps debris and leaves out by causing them to be blown off roofs rather than fall into downpipes and gutters. This method is applicable to most types of roofs. We also provide accessories and fixings that are designed to hold up in the unforgiving Australian climate. The available gutters come designed in visually subtle colours to match the shade of your existing roof.

Flick Anticimex technicians will first undertake thorough cleaning by removing all leaves and debris from your gutters, valley sections, and downpipes before the installation. This enables water to flow through unobstructed and keeps the need to maintain your gutters to a minimum. In addition, all our gutter guards come with a 15-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

Possum Proofing

We provide an affordable and effective way to prevent possums occupying roofs and also protect your home from enabling these creatures to return to their natural habitat.

We first carry out a home inspection to find any entry points. These entry points are then assessed and proofed with our gutter guard. A one-way exit door will then be installed at the entry points by which possums are entering enabling them to leave the area without returning. In our experience, most possums leave within a night or two after the one-way exit door is set up. If it is not possible to install a one-way door on your property, possum traps will be set up so the animals can be captured and removed safely and according to Australian standards.

Our gutter guards can then be installed and will prevent the possums from accessing your roof again.

Rat Proofing

Flick Gutter Shield can be set up around valleys and gutter lines to prevent rodents from making their way beneath tiles or roof sheets. Following the successful installation of the gutter guard, the roof void will be baited in order to eradicate any remaining rodents.

Female rats can reproduce at an alarming rate, birthing four to six litters each year, with five to ten babies in each. At the age of three months, rats are already old enough to begin reproducing. In a single year, a male and female rat can produce a pack of 400 to 700. Rats eat 10% of their weight in food each day, and on average each devours 30 grams per day. Just five rats can be responsible for 27 litres of urine and 73,000 droppings per annum. It is thus crucial to keep these pests at bay.

Bird Proofing

Birds often create nests in the gutters of buildings without a form any form of a gutter guard. Flick Gutter Shield, when set up around valleys and gutter lines, prevents birds from making their way beneath tiles and roof sheets. Following installation, all nesting materials can be removed and insecticidal dust of low toxicity is applied to eradicate bird lice.

Flick Anticimex Gutter Shield protects your home from water, leaf and pest damage!Flick Anticimex Gutter Shield protects your home from water, leaf and pest damage!


Benefits You Enjoy:

  • Gutters Free of Leaves and Debris- When downpipes and gutters get blocked, damage caused by water overflowing onto roofs can be very costly to repair. Water damage caused by moisture building up around roofing timbers like fascia boards requires expensive repairs. The presence of excess water or moisture in the home can also increase the likelihood of infestations by pests like termites. Flick Gutter Shield’s experts will undertake a thorough cleaning of all gutters, box gutters, and downpipes before Gutter Shield is installed to prevent the obstruction of stormwater, thus extending the durability of your gutters.
  • Pest Qualified and Pest Resistant – Our gutter guards are designed to withstand chewing or gnawing by rodents, possums or birds. Our technicians are not only proficient in the installation of gutter protection but also licensed in pest control techniques. This enables them to create a tailored programme that can keep your roof space free of pests and unwanted creatures.
  • Do You Know How Clean Your Water Is? The presence of dead animals on your roof, in your gutters, or rainwater tanks can contaminate drinking water. Our gutter guards eliminate this problem, so you can have peace of mind.

Gutter Guard Products:

Heavy Duty Polyethylene

Flick’s gutter guards made of heavy duty polyethylene mesh is UV stabilised and built to collect the maximum amount of water. A 15-year product warranty is offered subject to terms and conditions.

This form of gutter guard is made of 600gsm polyethylene with the help of cutting-edge extrusion technology and designed to efficiently protect gutters from a broad variety of dangers.

  • 3.7mm aperture
  • 2mm strand thickness
  • 100% virgin food-grade material
  • Proudly manufactured in Australia

Flick’s polyethylene gutter mesh is suitable for roofs and gutters of all profiles and colours, whether tin or tiled. Its durability has been tried and tested and it is an effective way to keep your drainpipes and gutters unobstructed, as well as keep vermin, possums, and birds out. Rusting or corrosion does not occur with this form of gutter guard.

Aluminium Gutter Mesh

In bush areas prone to fire, the aluminium gutter mesh is a good choice as it does not burn or catch fire. This gutter guard utilises powder-coated and industrial grade aluminium mesh. The product and installation come with a 15-year warranty subject to terms and conditions.

Flick Gutter Shield is the highest quality and top-grade workmanship, and we pride ourselves on doing an excellent job installing our gutter guards on each and every property.

Flick Anticimex Gutter Shield protects your home from water, leaf and pest damage!

Flick Gutter Shield is currently exclusively offered in Adelaide, however, Flick Anticimex may look to expand this service throughout Australia in the near future.

Prevent termite damage before it happens by choosing Flick Anticimex

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Customer Reviews


“Marc has done my house for years, I would highly recommend him, whatever company he works for.”

-Rowena Robinson, Belconnen ACT


“Every person at Flick I have spoken to, ie, phone, email , technician have all been very helpfull courteous and knowledgeable, that is excellent customer service! It’s not very good finding out you have a Termite problem but it helps and eases the pressure when everything is explained in a very courteous and knowledgeable manner.”

-Christine Bentham


“Your service both during my phone call to the office and the termite inspection were excellent”

-Sandra Naismith, Mudgee NSW


“We had our routine pest control completed last week by Gregory Edwards and I would like to commend him on his professionalism and attitude. He was polite, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure our treatment was up to standard. What a lovely man.”

-Logan Community Care Unit for QLD Health, Logan Central QLD


“I am very happy with the service. The team leader has gone out of her way to make sure all requirements are met.”

-Queensland Alumina, Gladstone QLD


“Really wonderful service from all staff, can’t say enough thanks.”

-Sandra Bennett, Woodroffe NT


“Very professional and took the time to explain the job and a few areas of concern to look into. … I was very happy with the job they have done.”

-ARB Corporation, NT


“It was good service – I’m still waiting on some of your competitors to phone me back and your company has already finished the job!!! I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for pest services.”

-Department of Local Government & Community Services, Northern Territory Government


“Marvin did a great job. He was professional and did a great job!”

-Mary Papas, Padstow NSW


“Very happy with the quality of the service and the professionalism of the technician.”

-Andres Czajkowski, Johnston NT


“Our pest man is amazing. Always a pleasure to have in my store.”

-Joan Hearne, Alfredton VIC


“I would like to thank Gareth, Kristie, Jaclyn, and especially the technician John for all their help in relieving my distress… I have not experienced any issues since he’s left and I really want to express my gratitude towards their helpfulness and compassion towards me.”

-Joan Hearne, Alfredton VIC


“Just a quick note to say a big thank you to our technician for his thoroughness, helpful information and professional manner.”

-Barabara, Port Macquarie NSW


“I have been a customer with this Pest Control Company for 10 years and have always been happy with the service they provide.”

-Genelle Browne, Rockhampton, QLD


“The overall result is a definite improvement – the bathrooms look and smell a lot fresher!

Thanks for all your thorough guidance and personally training the staff on products and cleaning procedures. We’ll work through any teething issues that come up.”

-Emily Hanson, Tea Gardens NSW


“The house that was pest controlled is my investment house and is rented. I have used Flick as I have known Will for many years and knew that is service would be excellent and the tenants would be very happy with his work. I personally will use Flick again.”

-Brett Ward, Charleville


“Flick are a reputable company and know what product works with what vermin. Others seem to use substandard materials that only last a few weeks.”

-Peter Kemp, Warwick


“My day was an absolute train wreck from the moment my technician walked through the door, from my toddler locking me out, my newborn screaming and my dog breaking his back. My technician remained calmed through this nightmare and completed everything leaving me with one less disaster to worry about.”

-Jen Green, Rockhampton, QLD