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Powered by Flick Anticimex, our Amalgamated Pest Control branch in Atherton provides pest control and termite inspections services.


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Our local experts provide safe and effective pest control services in Atherton, with Amalgamated Pest Control and Flick Anticimex being trusted household names in Australia for decades. All Amalgamated Pest Control (QBCC Lic No. 744943) and Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd (QBCC Lic No. 54798) Timber Pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 (2010) and Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007). Located in Atherton we provide pest control to home and businesses within Atherton and in surrounding suburbs. We have a local team of experts who know your area and are able to provide a safe and effective pest treatment for your home. In September 2016, Flick Anticimex merged with Amalgamated Pest Control (APC) and the existing APC offices now operate as one Flick team! Give one of our Atherton team a call on 07 4091 2555 , where we can arrange a pest inspection and quote you a competitive price.

Common Pests in Atherton


Atherton’s humid climate means Termites can thrive easily. Termite inspections are best performed every 3 to 12 months on homes in Atherton, depending on how much wood is in the structure of the home and whether it has fallen prey to termites in the past. Termite colonies often conceal themselves in timber wall frames and roofs, eating the frames and any wood or cellulose structures inside or just outside the house. One of our experts can perform a thorough termite inspection of your property and then treat it accordingly. We recommend treating your property with a liquid perimeter treatment to prevent termite problems from getting out of hand. If flooding occurs, the treatment should be reapplied to ensure the home remains protected. When buying property, a pest inspection is essential to saving yourself from costly repairs. A termite inspection can prevent termite infestations from causing structural damage to your home, which is very expensive to repair.

Possum Removal

They may look like friendly critters, but you don’t want to share your home with a possum. Not only are their droppings and urine hazardous to health, they also enjoy chewing through electrical wiring, at a great cost to the owner of the property. Possums are classified as native Australian animals, and the Nature Conservation Act 1992 protects them. You are not permitted to harm them or keep them without consent from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Break the rules and you might find yourself paying hefty fines. One of our licensed pest managers can visit your home, set a trap on your roof and ensnare the guilty possum.


The dangerous Redback spider makes frequent appearances in Atherton. Have our team visit your house to administer a spider control treatment, effectively keeping these deadly spiders out of your home. Your technician will treat external window areas, lighting, cracks and cre, ices, around down pipes, under seating and doorways. Treatment will keep the spiders from breeding and populating your home. Call our Atherton team for spider control that works at 07 4091 2555.


Australian and American cockroaches are a common sight in Atherton, as is the smaller German variety, which has the habit of invading electrical appliances. Cockroach droppings can be terrible for people with asthma or allergies. Cockroaches are extremely difficult to get rid of unless a proper fumigation treatment is used. We use cockroach bait gels together with a lox toxic formulation of pesticide fumigation, a cockroach control method that is safe in the long term.

Rats & Mice

Atherton’s tropical climate makes it a hotbed of rats and mice, which often hide in the roofs and wall cavities of houses. Rats can destroy everything they chew through as they search for food and nesting sites. Their droppings can also pose health hazards. If you live close to restaurants and other food businesses, your risk of rat infestations escalates. Our pest control team rids houses of rats and mice and also provides commercial rodent control for restaurants/food businesses.

Other Pest Control Services

We offer a range of pest control services to deal with a number of other household pests including:

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Amalagamated Pest Control and Flick Anticimex serve households in Atherton and all surrounding suburbs. Find out if your suburb falls under our service area by calling our team today. Call us at 07 4091 2555!

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