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Pest Control Coffs Harbour

Flick Pest Control Coffs Harbour at Seccombe Close provide effective and safe pest control solutions, such as termite inspections and treatments. We also offer washroom services in the Coffs Harbour area.

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At our Coffs Harbour office, we serve residences and businesses located all over the Coffs Harbour region, including the following areas:

  • Boambee
  • Karangi
  • Korora
  • North Boambee Valley

Our team are experts in your area and can offer pest treatments that are not only effective but also safe and appropriate for your situation. Flick Anticimex became part of the Enviropest Group of enterprises in early 2015, and the Port Macquarie office now houses the Flick team. Enviropest’s pest control solutions, targeted at residents and with a strong emphasis on termite control and pre- or post-construction solutions, bolster Flick Anticimex’s extensive range of services. Speak with our Coffs Harbour team at 13 14 40, and we will arrange for an inspection at your home, as well as offer you attractive prices.

Coff Harbour Pests


The termites that destroy homes in Australia are subterranean termites. Dry wood termites are another type that do not really pose a threat. Subterranean termites have small, soft bodies and construct big nests, usually in trees or soil. They dig tunnels underground that can extend as far as 100 metres from the nest. These termites need to be underground or sheltered in order to survive. Termites are extremely hardy creatures, and are one of the world’s oldest existing species, having been around in the time of the dinosaurs. All of mainland Australia’s regions are at risk of termite infestations, whether in the countryside or the suburbs. More than 300 species of Australian termites have been discovered, but not all of them damage property.


Here at Flick, we have more than 95 years of experience capturing, removing and releasing possums. Despite their cuddly looks, possums can be quite destructive if they decide to live in your home. Their droppings and urine present a health hazard, and they have also been known to chew their way through electrical wiring, which is very expensive to repair. As possums are native to Australia, the Nature Conservation Act 1992 protects them and makes it illegal to harm them. Keeping them captive is illegal unless you have permission from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Heavy fines await those who flout the rules. A licensed Flick technician can make a house call, install a trap on your roof and capture the intruding possum.


Cockroaches have hard shells that resemble those of beetles, and their legs enable them to move rapidly on all sorts of surfaces and in all directions. They can also travel upside down and walk up and down vertical surfaces. While cockroaches are extremely common, they have an unparalleled ability to instil disgust in all who see them. Flick’s cockroach solutions utilise cockroach bait gels together with a low toxicity pesticide fumigation. This is a method which is highly effective while still being safe.

Rats and Mice

Rodents like rats and mice are responsible for spreading harmful diseases. In fact, the Centre for Disease Control has traced almost a dozen diseases to rats. Rats can be hard to get rid of once they enter homes and businesses, and they can destroy their surroundings, contaminate food and spread diseases.

  • Rats can ruin the insulation of your home.
  • They can gnaw through walls and floor joists.
  • They create fire hazards when they bite through electrical cables.

Rats can also cause disasters when they destabilise hillsides or structures like retaining walls with their burrows. They can be dangerous even when they are found in the yard since these are places which are frequented by pets and children. Flicks Coffs Harbour’s pest control experts carry out home inspections for rodent eradication purposes. We also provide rat and mouse control solutions to restaurants and other businesses.

Other Pest Control Services

Our Coffs Harbour branch offers a variety of pest control services to eradicate a number of other household pests including:

Coffs Harbour Service Area

Flick Pest Control serves households all over Coffs Harbour and the surrounding areas including the following suburbs.

  • Boambee
  • Toormina
  • Coffs Harbour City Centre
  • Coffs Harbour Jetty
  • North Boambee Valley
  • Diggers Beach
  • Korora
  • Moonee Beach
  • Park Beach
  • Red Hill
  • South Coffs
  • West Coffs
  • West Korora
  • Sapphire Beach

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