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Powered by Flick Anticimex, our Amalgamated Pest Control branch in Mundubbera provides pest control and termite inspections services.


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Since 2016, Flick Anticimex has proudly been merged with the expert techs at Amalgamated Pest Control, and is excited to serve the residents of Mundubbera as one team! Now the largest pest control company in Australia, our comprehensive and integrated line of services ensure safe and effective treatment for residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike. Trusted across Australia for over 100 years, our local team of techs know your area and understand the problems that plague your community the most. Give us a call at 07 4165 4827, to arrange your inspection and quote today.

Common Pests in Mundubbera


Also known as White Ants, termites are a terror to homes and businesses alike across Australia. Liable to chew their way through your property before you’ve even noticed they’re there, early detection and prevention are key in maintaining the integrity of your structure. Depending on how much wood is in your house or building, annual inspections are recommended at least every three to twelve months; pre-construction and post-flooding evaluations are also critical to applying and re-applying preventative treatments. Following each inspection, our technicians will suggest a detailed plan tailored specifically to your property’s needs, with guidance on everything from liquid perimeter treatments to regular upkeep measures. Save thousands down the road by calling our team today.


Cute enough in their own respect, possums are liable to pose a significant threat to both your home’s integrity and your family’s safety if allowed to run amok of your property. Not only will they chew through wires and get stuck in rafters, but possum droppings and urine can carry sickness and disease harmful to human health. Because they are protected under Australia’s Nature Conservation Act of 1992, possums can be neither harmed nor kept; to avoid heavy fines, have the licensed pros at Flick Anticimex of Mundubbera catch and relocate these pesky marsupials once and for all.


Due to the agriculture and forestry nature of Mundubbera, there are a variety of spiders that appear in your local garden or amongst crops. From extremely dangerous to less harmful spiders, Flick and APC are able to treat your home so you no longer have to face the creepy crawlies. Have our team visit your house to administer a spider control treatment, where your technician will treat external window areas, lighting, cracks and crevices, around downpipes, under seating, and doorways. Treatment will keep the spiders from breeding in your home. Call our Mundubbera team for great spider control at 07 4165 4827.

Additional Pest Control Services

We offer a full range of expert pest control treatments, including for the following common critters:

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