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Pest Control in Canning Vale

Canning Vale is a city in Western Australia named after the Canning River that runs northeast of the town.

Need pest control in Canning Vale?

Canning Vale is a busy Western Australian city, combining original farming land with residential and commercial developments. This means that residents don’t have time to waste with complicated pest control service. Pest control and washroom and hygiene services should be fuss and drama free. The Canning Vale population shouldn’t have to worry about pest invasions in either their homes or businesses. Neither should commercial businesses and retailers have to worry about the damage that is caused by unclean washrooms.

What are common pests in Canning Vale?

  • Termites are small insects that create colonies and eat their way through any wood-based material; this includes trees, stumps and the timber used in the structure of your home.
  • Ants may seem harmless, but some species of ants like the black ant can invade your home, looking for food and could also potentially shift the sandy foundation beneath your home, causing structural damage.
  • Rats and mice are small rodents that cause impressive amounts of structural damage, by leaving faecal droppings everywhere; emitting unpleasant odours and by chewing their way through everything, including the electrical wires on your property.

Termite treatment in Canning Vale:

We offer inspections and treatments to properties that you own, and we offer inspections just for properties you’re considering buying. Our termite treatments are solutions tailored to the severity of the problem, and our treatments are executed only by trained and experienced Flick Anticimex technicians.

What are other services we provide?

Flick Anticimex is also dedicated to providing your business or organisation with the freshest washroom. An unpleasant washroom experience is damaging to your reputation with customers and will actually take more money out of your pocket. Avoiding regular washroom maintenance means that the damage caused by unclean and unhygienic washrooms will simply build up your expenses. Whether you’re looking for cleaner cubicle and urinals, sanitary unit services, or sharps and nappies disposal, Flick Anticimex has the solution. For more information, visit our Commercial Washroom and Hygiene Services page!

What makes Flick Anticimex different?

You won’t be able to find another pest control and washroom and hygiene company that operates at a national level, while still maintaining a local business feel. Our Flick technicians are trained professionals and experts in their field. They utilise safe, low-toxin pesticides that are non-harmful to humans and pets. In addition, we provide a warranty period for our pest control services. For more information on our different warranty periods, please contact your local Perth branch at (08) 6404 0000!

Published: 09-03-2017