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Pest Control in Osborne Park

Osborne Park, named after butcher William Osborne, boasts a strong support of local small businesses, warehouses and larger Australian retailers.

Need pest control in Osborne Park?

Established as a residential suburb after World War II, the longtime industrial area is now full of commercial developments, catering to the needs of residents. Flick Anticimex also caters to the pest control needs of the suburb, implementing pest control management systems best suited to your pest problem. Pests in the Osborne Park area vary according to the seasons, but there are a few main pest offenders of the area.

What are common pests in Osborne Park?

Termite treatment in Osborne Park:

Termite (or white ant) invasions are not to be taken lightly. Termites are pests known for causing immense structural damage to any wooden based property.  Active all year round, minus in the winter, termites will work their way through the timber structure of your property and any other cellulose-based material on the premises. Regular treatments mean that your property will keep it’s original value and integrity intact.

What else do we offer?

At Flick Anticimex, we also provide extensive solutions to your washroom and hygiene problems. From air fresheners, sanitary unit disposals, bacterial treatment and disposal services (sharps and nappies), Flick Anticimex will leave your business with a fresher washroom. We also provide hygiene consumables, paper products, and their dispensers! For more information on Flick Anticimex’s washroom and hygiene solutions, check out our Washroom & Hygiene page.

What makes Flick Anticimex different?

Flick Anticimex differentiates themselves from other Perth pest control companies as we offer a variety of pest control and hygiene solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Our trusted Flick technicians are local experts in dealing with Perth specific pest activity. We only use safe and non-harming methods of pest eradication and also employ the use of “new generation” pesticides backed by the latest technology and research.

Published: 09-03-2017