Structure, Appearance and Characteristics
■       Webbing Spider.
■       Body size (approx): Female 10-15mm, Male 5-6mm
■       Forms an “X” of white silk in the centre of their orb web.
■       The “X” may be incomplete and can be absent in some cases.
■       Head is covered with silvery hairs and the body is marked with a series of transverse bands alternating silver and red or yellow with lighter spots.
■       Legs of the spider are often held together in pairs to form an “X” when at rest.
■       Legs are dark brown or black with one or two yellowish bands.
■       Active both day and night.
■       1 generation per year Habitat Webs commonly built in or near shrubs and against walls. Pest Status Webs can be unsightly on structures. Not known to bite