Flying Insect Control Units

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    Flying Insect Control Units for any home or business

    Having a problem with flying insects? Flying insects can be a huge problem, especially during the warmer summer months. They spoil food, are a nuisance and can even spread dangerous diseases. What kind of flying insects pose this problem? Flies, mosquitoes, moths, and wasps.

    We have a wide range of Flying Insect Control Units to solve your flying insect problems. Our units are ideal for homes, businesses, and industrial premises, including all food processing, preparation, and storage areas.

    • Flick Osprey

      With its discreet design, this base, HACCP compliant unit is designed for kitchens, hotels, food production areas, offices, cafes, restaurants etc. Easy to service, stylish and effective. The Vectothor Osprey design features European build standards.

    • Flick Peregrine

      This lamp design unit covers large areas and is recommended for the toughest conditions and most severe fly problems. The Peregrine is robust and easy to service with European build standards. Its shatterproof HACCP-approved three-lamp design covers 4m² more than Osprey.

    • Flick Kingfisher

      Recommended for use in shops, restaurants and wet industrial environments. The Kingfisher can be mounted in multiple positions on the wall or ceiling. Constructed with stainless steel front grid, with the housing made from durable ABS plastic and white powder coated steel. The two shatterproof globes exceed HACCP requirements.

    • Flick Harrier

      The dual-sided Harrier is designed for the toughest industrial uses, kitchens, food production areas, and more! Easy to service, stylish and effective, the Harrier features European design-build standards. The four shatterproof globes exceed HACCP requirements.

    • Flick 150EX

      Recommended for use in areas with potential danger of a gas or dust explosion; the i-trap 150EX has a hose proof IP rating of 68 and a specially designed stainless steel front grid, which optimises the attraction potential. The unit can be wall mounted in situations where there is a risk of explosion.