For Peace of Mind - Get Granitgard

Protect your home from Subterranean termites with Grantigard, a chemical-free termite management system that is cost-effective, safe and reliable.

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Granitgard is made from crushed and screened Australian granite and a PVC strip, which is installed into the brick cavity around the perimeter of new buildings.

It creates a protective barrier which is too dense and hard for termites to push or chew their way through. Termites are forced into the open where they can be visually detected and eradicated. It is essential that a 75mm “inspection zone” clear of obstructions be maintained around outside edge of the building.

We Offer a 50 Years Termite Damage Warranty

Granitgard has a lifespan of 50 years. We recommend a visual inspection by Flick Anticimex once a year to check everything is in working order.

Granitgard has a Codemark Certificate of Conformity plus has been given the seal of approval by the Australian Building Code Board. As it is chemical free, Granitgard has also received the Environmental Choice Declaration from the Environmental Labelling Association.

Flick Anticimex is a Granitgard licensee and is fully trained to follow strict installation and quality assurance guidelines.

The Granitgard system also includes two key waterproofing and termite prevention treatments.

Blockaid-Aqua: Industry-Leading Waterproofing Treatment

Blockaid-Aqua is a highly flexible, new generation elastomeric waterproofing sealant designed for use on a wide variety of vertical and horizontal substrates. Perfect for water proofing planter boxes, roofs, balconies, decks and more from wood decay and timber pests.

Blockaid-Termi: Advanced Pre-Construction Termite Sealant

Blockaid-Termi is a solvent free Termite Management System for joints, step downs and narrow cavities. This acrylic, highly flexible termite proof membrane dries grey with a smooth surface finish. Perfect for either interior or exterior use, we can apply Blockaid-Termi for you with or without other reinforcing fabrics.

If you’d like the peace of mind that your home is protected from termites, get Granitgard. Contact Flick today on 13 14 40.