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If you’re looking to purchase a new home, ask yourself this: is this property safe for me and my family? Ordering a pre-purchase pest and building inspection prior to purchasing your new home helps you make a better, more well-informed decision. Flick Safe House is the pre-purchase inspection division of Australia’s largest pest control company, Flick Anticimex. Flick Safe House specialises in pre-purchase pest and building inspections to offer Sydney and Wollongong home buyers peace of mind. Avoid a disastrous property with a pre-purchase pest and building inspection report from Flick Safe House.[us_btn text=”Get in touch” link=”url:%23contact|||” color=”green”]Visit the Flick Safe House site

Inspection Report Checklist

Our pre-purchase building and pest inspections are comprehensive, and the subsequent reports are objective. Our aim? Assist home buyers. We want you to make well-informed decisions because we know how much risk goes into purchasing your next home.

Whether it’s a property you’ve already purchased or are simply inspecting, our professional technicians can generate a pre-purchase building and pest inspection reports. Read on to see what goes into our pre-purchase building inspection reports and our pre-purchase timber pest inspection reports.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Reports

In one of our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Reports, we’ll check for:

  • Any major or minor defects in certain rooms and areas of the home
  • Immediate safety issues that may put you and/or the tenant at risk
  • Cracks in both exterior and interior of the home (i.e. hairline, fair, and noticeable cracks)
  • Presence of asbestos, corrosion and/or mold
  • The functionality of flyscreens, windows/doors, ventilation, decking timber, steps/stairs etc.

Our technicians are proved professionals in pre-purchase building inspections. They are well versed in what to check and the areas to inspect. The building inspection report is user-friendly, easily accessible and marked at a competitive price. Trust that our technicians will leave no stone unturned!

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Reports

In one of our Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Reports, we’ll check for:

  • Every timber element of the home
  • Live timber pests including termites and wood borers
  • Existing timber pest damage including fungal decay and chemical delignification
  • Building deficiencies that may make you more vulnerable to timber pest attacks (i.e. high moisture levels, poor ventilation, hazardous timber elements etc.)
  • Major safety hazards

Like our pre-purchase building inspection reports, the reports are put together by trusted technicians. The reports are easy to read, affordable and extremely detailed to ensure you make the best decision possible.

All reports are compiled based on visual timber pest inspections and are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007 Inspection of buildings Part 1: Pre-purchase inspections – Residential buildings.



Quick and easy process

Ordering a pre-purchase building and pest inspection report is a simple three-step process. First, place and pay for your order online. The technician will get in touch with the relevant real estate agent and conduct inspection. Then, within 24 hours of the pre-purchase building and/or pest inspection, the report will be emailed to you.





We offer pre-purchase building and pest inspection reports for a competitive price. Plus, only pay full price for the inspection report of the property you purchase. You won’t get a better deal anywhere else!



Objective and professional reports

Building inspections should always be conducted prior to making a purchase as these reports will help you objectively decide whether this is a wise property investment. All reports are prepared by experience pest technicians and will remain entirely objective.



Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report

Comprehensive pre-purchase building inspection report of a prospective home for just


Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report

Comprehensive pre-purchase timber pest inspection report of a prospective home PLUS 12 months warranty for just


Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection Report

Comprehensive pre-purchase building and pest inspection report of a prospective home PLUS 12 months warranty for just


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Customer Reviews


“Marc has done my house for years, I would highly recommend him, whatever company he works for.”

-Rowena Robinson, Belconnen ACT


“Your service both during my phone call to the office and the termite inspection were excellent”

-Sandra Naismith, Mudgee NSW


“We had our routine pest control completed last week by Gregory Edwards and I would like to commend him on his professionalism and attitude. He was polite, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure our treatment was up to standard. What a lovely man.”

-Logan Community Care Unit for QLD Health, Logan Central QLD


“I am very happy with the service. The team leader has gone out of her way to make sure all requirements are met.”

-Queensland Alumina, Gladstone QLD


“Really wonderful service from all staff, can’t say enough thanks.”

-Sandra Bennett, Woodroffe NT


“Very professional and took the time to explain the job and a few areas of concern to look into. … I was very happy with the job they have done.”

-ARB Corporation, NT


“It was good service – I’m still waiting on some of your competitors to phone me back and your company has already finished the job!!! I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for pest services.”

-Department of Local Government & Community Services, Northern Territory Government


“Marvin did a great job. He was professional and did a great job!”

-Mary Papas, Padstow NSW


“Very happy with the quality of the service and the professionalism of the technician.”

-Andres Czajkowski, Johnston NT


“Our pest man is amazing. Always a pleasure to have in my store.”

-Joan Hearne, Alfredton VIC


“I would like to thank Gareth, Kristie, Jaclyn, and especially the technician John for all their help in relieving my distress… I have not experienced any issues since he’s left and I really want to express my gratitude towards their helpfulness and compassion towards me.”

-Joan Hearne, Alfredton VIC