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Making a Strong, Modern Pest Control Company

Founded in 1918 and now part of the international Anticimex group, Flick Anticimex is now Australia’s largest pest control and hygiene company. Over the years, we have proudly merged with many local Australian businesses, combining local knowledge with global Anticimex technology to provide high-quality pest control and hygiene services.

Today, the Anticimex group has over 170 branches in 20 countries spanning across five continents, and constantly growing from acquisitions of local pest control companies.

You need the best people and expertise to make a modern pest control company. Become part of a company with local presence, national footprint and global strength.

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Growing Together

Many business owners and their teams have progressed further within Flick Anticimex to find management positions, Branch Manager roles or specialist positions. Others have decided to retire and leave their business in our safe hands after a transition period. Meet the people from various businesses we’ve merged with, to make a stronger Flick Anticimex.

Deidre Demarco

Former Office Manager of Pestforce Pest Control

Deidre was formerly the Office Manager for Pestforce Pest Control, which Flick Anticimex acquired in 2017. ‘Even though it was daunting moving into a larger company, I enjoyed the challenge and found it easy to start relationships with the Flick team’, said Deidre.

After the acquisition period had ended, Deidre was offered the Sydney Residential Office Manager role and was soon promoted to Sydney Residential Operations Manager.

In 2019 the Sydney Customer Care Manager role became available, and Deidre saw this as a new challenge. ‘The Customer Care Manager role was something new for me and ended up being a vital learning experience for my current role as a Branch Manager’, said Deidre.

Deidre is currently a branch manager. ‘I feel this role calls on every aspect of what I’ve learnt and achieve of the past years’, said Deidre.

Shaun Coe

Former Regional Supervisor of Amalgamated Pest Control

Shaun joined the Flick Family in 2016 through the Amalgamated Pest Control merger. Shaun had been with Amalgamated since 1998, starting as a trainee pest control technician. Prior to the merger, Shaun was the Regional Supervisor for Amalgamated, taking care of operations from Byron Bay to Adelaide.

Shaun was indispensable during the transition period, helping Flick understand Amalgamated operations and processes. ‘The structure of Amalgamated was quite different to Flick, so it was a large task to merge the two different companies together’, said Shaun.

Impressed by Shaun’s work ethic and dedication to the merger, the CEO of Flick offered Shaun a position with Flick as Branch Manager of Newcastle. As a result, the Newcastle branch thrived, and in turn, Shaun also became the Branch Manager of the Central Coast and Dubbo branches.

In 2020 Shaun was promoted to General Manager – NSW/VIC Region, spanning from Canberra to Tasmania. Shaun’s current focus is to strengthen the NSW/VIC Region under his leadership.

‘I want to continue and do the best I possibly can in this role to strengthen the NSW/VIC Region, and provide support and guidance to fellow Flick employees in their careers’ – Shaun Coe.

Michele Ritchie

Former Owner of Advanced Pest Control Bunbury

After operating Advanced Pest Control for 24 years, Mike and Michele decided it was time to retire. The Ritchie’s wanted to hand over their business to someone they could trust, and that’s where Flick stepped in.

‘We are very lucky and happy with the merger. Working with Flick has been so easy, it has been a seamless transition’, said Michele.

Advanced Pest Control had a strong local presence in Bunbury, when the acquisition with Flick was announced the Ritchie’s were concerned there would be some pushback from their customers. However, there was no apprehension from the Advanced Pest Control clientele. Additionally, all Advanced Pest Control technicians and Michele made the transition to Flick.

‘Our customers are delighted that they are still dealing with the same team and have enjoyed the changes brought about by the merger with Flick’, stated Michele.

Since the acquisition, both Michele and Mike have been able to retire and spend more time with their family.

Joshua Stephen

Former Owner of The Termite Man

After 13 years of running The Termite Man and a baby on the way, Josh and his wife Trish decided it was time to take a step back from running a business. Looking for work-life balance and the ability to ‘switch off’ from work the opportunity came at the right time. They were approached by multiple companies and ultimately decided that Flick was the best fit.

‘Flick was transparent with every aspect of the merger, and the open conversations gave us peace of mind that we were making the right decision’, said Josh.

The merging of The Termite Man with Flick Anticimex has enabled Josh to take a step back from daily operations of owning a business and the support of a bigger team. As a result, Josh and 95% of The Termite Man employees decided to transition to the Flick Family.

Josh now works as a Senior Pest Technician and has been able to achieve a healthy work-life balance, spending more time with his wife and newborn while Flick takes care of the day-to-day business management.

Flick Process for Mergers & Acquisitions

We are looking for businesses with strong local knowledge that are keen to leverage the strength of Flick Anticimex to grow in their market. The process for mergers and acquisitions with Flick consist of three simple steps: Origination, Execution, and Integration. Learn more about each step in the process below.

Step 1 Origination

Identifying and understanding companies and people who are good fit for Flick Anticimex.

What you can expect from us:

A first informal meeting, where you will get to meet your local Flick Anticimex team, learn more about who we are and what we do, as well as our approach to M&A and our objectives with a potential acquisition.

What we expect from you:

In our first meeting we want to get to know you better, understand your business model, and culture, as well as your priorities and considerations as representative for your business.

Signs of commitment in this phase:
– A mutual Confidentiality Agreement (non-disclosure agreement)
– A high-level standardised information request (formulated by Flick Anticimex)
– A non-binding offer (Letter of Intent)

Step 2 Execution

In-depth analysis of the business and agreeing on transaction documentation (2-4 months)

What you can expect from us:

Flick Anticimex conducts an in-depth analysis, which normally includes a due diligence by third party advisors. Identification of key risks and mitigations as well as areas of improvement.

What we expect from you:

Our aim is to understand as much as possible of the inherent value of the business, referring to people and customers. Together we set up and decide on the future organisational structure.

Signs of commitment in this phase:
– Agree transaction documents with detailed terms
– Legal completion of the acquisition via payment of purchase price and transfer of shares or assets

Step 3 Integration

Highly structured integration to retain value in the acquired business (6-12 months)

What you can expect from us:

Once the deal is signed and sealed, Flick Anticimex initiates the integration process as quickly as possible with the main priority being a smooth transition. Integration includes onboarding employees by introducing the Flick Anticimex culture,  our de-centralised operational model and our unique service offering – SMART Digital Pest Control technology and residential Home Protection Pest control plans. Our aim is always to keep what works and act on areas of improvement.

What we expect from you:

Sellers are encouraged to remain after completion of the transaction. We are happy to see that many sellers choose to remain with us and become part of the Flick Anticimex family. For us that means we made the right choice acquiring a business with a strong management and cultural match.

Why choose Flick?

Today Flick Anticimex has over 55 branches in Australia, and we are constantly growing from acquisitions of local pest control companies. As Australia’s leading modern pest control company, Flick Anticimex can offer you and your team access to the latest innovations in pest control, accredited training, and constant career growth opportunities.

Those who have joined Flick from acquisitions have thrived within our company, moving into various positions such as Branch Manager roles and Specialist positions. While others have decided to retire with peace of mind knowing their business is in safe hands after the transition period. Are you interested in taking the next step? Contact us today for a confidential chat.

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