Wasp Pest Control

Wasps can be very aggressive with an excruciating sting. Unlike bees, they can sting multiple times and even inject a pheromone, which attracts more wasps. In Australia, wasps like to nest in visible areas on properties, such as doorways and walls under eaves, which can easily bring them into contact with humans on a nice sunny day. Do not risk a painful sting, if you suspect a wasp nest on your property, contact the pest control professionals.

Flick Home Protection makes protecting your family and home from pests easier than ever. Our effective and affordable pest control plans include exclusive 12 month warranty. Wasps are included in our Gold Complete Home Protection Plan. Find out more here.

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From Preparation to Treatment

First, our technician will identify the species of flying insect. Many Australian native wasps are not as dangerous as the European Wasp. The introduced European Wasp can be a dangerous pest and should be removed by a pest control expert.

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Next, our technician locates the nests. We often find resin, mud or paper nests on the walls of homes protected under the eaves

Our pest control technicians will remove the nest and the wasps.

The technician then treats the area for any pests that may have been attracted to the nest.

Shield Your Family & Home Year Round from Wasps

Flick's Home Protection Plans

Flick's Home Protection Plans provide effective and affordable protection for your home and family from a wide range of pests. Our Gold plan includes preventive measures to stop wasps from entering your home in the first place, as well as reactive and emergency wasp pest control services if needed. All plans come with a 12-month warranty* and easy monthly payments. With a variety of plans to choose from, you can find a plan that meets your specific needs and budget. Contact your local Flick branch to see if Home Protection is available in your area and begin shielding your family from wasps today!

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Commercial Pest Solutions

Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Our Integrated Pest Management program uses the latest technology focusing on prevention and addressing the root of the causes of pest problems to ensure a pest free environment for commercial workplaces and facilities. Our solutions are tailored to proactively prevent and help mitigate the impact and risk of a pest infestation. We combine tailored multi-faceted solutions with our latest digital pest technology supported by our highly regulated experienced team of technicians to bring you the best in pest control. Let us create a customised plan for your workplace today.

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SMART Digital Pest Control

Our SMART Pest Control is an intuitive digital pest control system that keeps an eagle eye on your business with automated detection of rodents, cockroaches and moths. SMART technology will monitor rodent activity around the clock. On detection, the technology instantly reacts, records and reports activity, using non-toxic methods trapping rodents in an environmentally friendly way. Combine SMART automation with our regular pest control services for integrated, blanket protection against all major pests.

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Common Wasp Questions

  1. Where do wasps live?

    Wasps build small nests in soil, inside fruit and around homes. Their nest can be made of mud or paper. European wasps are known to establish a nest underground or high up on walls.

  2. When are wasps most active?

    Wasps are most active during the day, with some species only active before the sun rises. They are most active during the warmer months of the year. Wasps can become aggressive near their nests, garbage cans or food.

  3. Why are wasps dangerous?

    The European wasp is aggressive and the second cause of hospitalisations from pests in Australia after bees. They tend to be most active when families are enjoying the warmer months outside too. Children and those allergic to wasps are the most at risk. The European wasp can sting multiple times, causing extreme pain.

  4. Do I need professional wasp help?

    A wasp nest in your garden can be dangerous, particularly for those with allergies or children. Wasps will sting multiple times if the nest is threatened. Do not disturb wasp nests. Get Flick, a trusted pest control company, to remove the wasp nest safely.

  5. What should I do if I spot a wasp nest?

    If you come across a wasp nest on your property, do not approach it. Wasps can behave aggressively when defending their home or when threatened. The safest way to remove wasps is by calling Flick, who will safely remove the nest from your premises.

Common Wasps

European Wasp


The European Wasp has a yellow body with black triangle shaped markings. Worker wasps are 12 – 17mm in size.


A colony may have up to 25,000 wasps. Over winter, most of the colony dies, with only the young queen wasps emerging in spring to build nests and lay eggs. Workers take over nest building in summer, which is when homeowners may begin to experience problems with them.


European Wasps nest in hollow trees, bushes and abandoned animal burrows. Near houses or indoors, they build nests in sheltered locations with easy access to the outside, such as in garages or lofts. They prefer sweet foods in summer, which is why they’re attracted to homes. This is when worker wasps can become pests to humans. Female wasps will sting aggressively and repeatedly to defend the nest.