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Professional snake relocation

Snakes are a beautiful part of Australia fauna, with many snakes harmless and beneficial to the animal food chain. However, many Australians will encounter a dangerous snake on their property, especially those in rural or subtropical regions. Be snake prepared! Discover how Flick Anticimex teams up with licensed sub-contractors to safely remove and relocate lost snakes. Plus we provide snake prevention tips and what to do when you encounter a dangerous snake, like the Eastern Brown Snake or Western Brown Snake.

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Snake Control Method

What methods are used to capture snakes?

Removing and relocating snakes happens a lot more than people think. Businesses and homes surrounded by bushland usually have more snake sightings then most and if there is an attractant on the premises, the snakes can become quite a pest. As snakes are a protected species there are many laws that need to be followed when capturing a snake, one of these is that you need to have a valid Snake Catchers Licence to legally catch and release a snake in a safe manner and in a safe area.

Snake Catchers are specially trained on snake behaviour and how to catch them without harming them. It is extremely important to let the professionals catch the snake and not try to remove the snake from the premises yourself. Due to the alarm associated with seeing a snake, trying to remove it yourself could mean that you could easily kill the snake without even thinking about it.

The removal of snakes is always an extremely urgent request and requires us to be onsite as quickly as we can to remove the snake. Flick Anticimex uses qualified snake sub-contractors for snake removals at most of our branches. Some of our branches don’t have a qualified snake contractor and in these instances, the relevant wildlife department for your state can be called to arrange removal of the snake.

Professional versus DIY pest Control

We highly recommend against handling snakes. It is also illegal to kill snakes as they are protected, native animal. Attacking snakes also increases the change of being bitten. This is why a commercial snake catcher should be contacted and used in the event of a snake sighting on your property.

Snake Prevention Tips

  • 01 Open all external doors, and keep internal doors closed.

  • 02 Roll up some towels and keep gap beneath doors blocked

  • 03 If a snake enters the home, place furniture beneath open windows

  • 04 If the snake is outside, use a gentle stream of water from the garden hose to direct it away

  • 05 Do not approach or aggravate the snake in any way

  • 06 If bitten, stay calm and seek medical attention