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    Bed Bugs

    Your bed is a piece of heaven on earth, until something bites you while you’re comfortably sleeping. That’s a sign that it’s time to get bed bug pest control. Bed bugs can become a big problem and are one of the most challenging pests to exterminate, as they are notoriously difficult to get rid of on your own. Often hiding in mattresses, cushions, rugs, and sofas, they feed off blood by biting people. Flick Pest Control offers bed bug pest control services to residential homes and commercial properties, specialising in the hospitality business and transport industry. Don’t let bed bugs take over your home or business, trust Flick Pest Control to handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

    Fortunately, Flick has local branches all over the country and in most major locations across Australia from Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Central Coast to Bendigo, Darwin, Cairns, Tasmania and more. Find out more when you download our Bed Bug Fact Sheet!

    Flick’s Home Protection Plans make protecting your family and home from pests easier than ever. Our effective and affordable pest control plans include an exclusive 12-month warranty, regular pest inspections, and solutions tailored to your specific situation. Ticks are included in our Gold Home Protection Plan. Find out more here.

    Bed Bug Pest Control

    How to Identify Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are small, flat, oval-shaped insects that can infest various types of dwellings, including homes, hotels, and even public transportation. Identifying a bed bug infestation is crucial to prevent their spread and minimise potential health risks.

    To identify a bed bug infestation, start by looking for signs of their presence. These insects leave behind small brown or black stains on bedding, mattresses, and furniture, which are their fecal spots. Additionally, you may find small blood stains on bedding or notice a sweet, musty odour in the affected area.

    Bed bugs can vary in size, typically ranging from 4 to 5 millimetres in length. They are usually reddish-brown in colour, but can appear darker if they have recently fed. Despite their small size, they can easily be seen with the naked eye.

    When it comes to bites, bed bugs are known to bite exposed areas of the body while you sleep. The most common areas where bed bug bites occur are the face, neck, arms, and hands. Bed bug bites are often grouped together and appear as red, itchy welts on the skin.

    Preventative Measures for Bed Bugs

    To prevent an infestation of bed bugs, it is important to follow a few key preventive measures. Regular vacuuming, proper inspection and cleaning of bedding, reducing clutter, using bed bug-proof encasement, and being cautious with secondhand items are all steps in preventing these unwanted pests.

    Regular vacuuming is an essential step towards preventing these pests from entering your home. By vacuuming regularly, you can eliminate any bed bugs that may have entered your home, as well as their eggs. Pay special attention to areas such as mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and furniture.

    Proper inspection and cleaning of bedding is crucial in preventing an infestation. Regularly inspect your bedding for any signs of bed bugs such as dark spots, shed skins, or blood stains. If you suspect an infestation, wash your bedding in hot water and dry it on high heat to kill any bed bugs and their eggs.

    Reducing clutter in your home can also help prevent an infestation. Bed bugs thrive in cluttered areas as it provides them with more hiding spots. Keep your living space tidy and organised, and avoid storing items under your bed or in other areas where bed bugs can easily hide.

    Using bed bug-proof encasement on your mattresses and box springs is another preventive measure. These encasements are specially designed to trap and prevent bed bugs from infesting your bedding. Be sure to choose encasements that are labeled as bed bug-proof or bite-proof.

    Finally, exercise caution when acquiring second hand items. Inspect any used furniture or clothing carefully before bringing them into your home. Bed bugs can easily hitch a ride on these items, leading to an infestation. Consider cleaning and treating second hand items before bringing them into your living space.

    By following these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of a bed bug infestation in your home.

    How Bed Bugs Are Treated

    Flick Pest Control offers highly effective bed bug treatments in Australia that are designed to eliminate these pesky pests once and for all. Our experienced technicians follow a systematic approach to ensure maximum effectiveness.

    The first step in Flick Pest Control’s bed bug treatment is a thorough inspection of the affected area to accurately identify the extent of the infestation. This enables us to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

    The next step involves the application of industry-approved insecticides and non-chemical treatments, which are known to effectively kill bed bugs in all life stages. Flick Pest Control’s technicians are trained to apply these treatments safely and precisely to ensure optimal results.

    Compared to DIY solutions, Flick Pest Control’s treatments offer a higher level of effectiveness. While DIY methods such as home remedies or over-the-counter sprays may provide temporary relief, they often fail to completely eliminate bed bugs. Flick Pest Control’s treatments, on the other hand, are designed to permanently remove bed bugs from your property.

    With Flick Pest Control’s bed bug treatments, you can have peace of mind knowing that these resilient pests will be eradicated from your home. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and itchy bites – Flick Pest Control provides effective solutions for the permanent removal of bed bugs in Australia.

    Commercial Pest Solutions

    K9 Bed Bug Detection

    Did you know that Flick offers professional K9 detection as an effective solution for locating bed bugs and termites. If detected on your property, we can provide you with a tailored solution. The scent of bed bugs can be smelt by our K9’s through carpet, bedding, skirting, timber floors, dry wall, and other building materials. If bed bugs are hiding, our K9 unit will find them!

    Flick is your one-stop solution for the removal of bed bugs

    We offer affordable and tailored bed bug removal solutions. Our qualified technicians will inspect your residential or commercial property and develop a treatment plan. Based on their findings this may include a heat treatment, non-chemical or chemical treatment if required. Our bed bug pest technician will then treat your property to ensure its bed bug free. To find our more contact our expert bed bug team today. Read more about bed bug heat treatment here.

    Common Bed Bug Questions

    1. What do bed bugs feed on?

      Bed bugs feed solely on blood – so an infestation isn’t a sign of poor hygiene, as they can also be found in immaculate hotel rooms. They are active at night and usually bite people while they are asleep. They have an elongated beak through which they pierce the skin and withdraw blood. Feeding for 3 – 10 minutes before they are engorged, they then crawl away unnoticed.

    2. What are signs of a bed bug infestation?

      No matter how comfortable your bed, sofa or cushions are, bed bugs use this as their favorite hideout in your home, hotels, at work and on public transport. It’s time for a bed bug treatment when you notice the following:

      • An unusual foul odor – this is excreted from the bugs’ scent glands
      • Dark or rusty spots on the bed elements and walls – these are usually their excrements
      • Blood stains on the bed elements
      • Egg shells and shed skins in headboards, box springs, bed frames and mattresses
      • Bite marks on your skin
    3. How do I prevent bed bugs?

      After travelling, always inspect suitcases before bringing them indoors, particularly if you have been staying in shared hostels. Never leave open suitcases lying on the floor when on vacation. Also be wary of purchasing secondhand furniture – inspect old beds to check they aren’t carrying any travelers!

    4. How do I prepare for a bed bug treatment?

      On the day of the treatment, don’t move any mattresses or pieces of furniture or items. Leave this to your Flick bed bug specialists. Do not enter the treatment area until the technician advises you it is safe to do. They will give you advice about when to vacuum or use the area again.

    5. How do I prevent bed bugs coming back?

      After the treatment, wash all your bedclothes at a temperature of at least 60°C. After travelling, always inspect suitcases before bringing them indoors, particularly if you have been staying in shared hostels. Also be wary of purchasing secondhand furniture – inspect old beds to check they aren’t carrying any travelers!

    6. How to get rid of bed bugs?
      • Maintain clean bedding, sofa, cushions, rugs and surrounding areas regularly.
      • Scrub and vacuum bed mattress, sofas, rugs and surrounding areas to remove bed bugs.
      • Consult a professional bed bug exterminator. Exterminators apply effective bed bug treatments ranging from chemical to heat treatment for bed bugs. This includes using chemical and non- chemical treatments specifically targeted at bed bugs, handled and applied with extra caution to prevent bed bug resistance, as well as, harmful health effects on humans. Heat treatment for bed bugs involves using temperatures higher than 45 degrees celsius to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

    Common Bed Bug Species

    Common Bed Bug Pest Control

    Common Bed Bugs


    4-5mm in length, or the size of the apple seed. Vary in colour from light yellow to brown, depending on stage of life.


    Bed bugs feed during the night through their elongated beaks, which sink painlessly into the skin for up to 15 mins. However allergic reactions to the saliva are common, with symptoms including redness, itching and swelling. A telltale sign is when the bites are clustered in a straight line and when they are on the legs and ankles. They can cause great distress and reputational damage to hospitality businesses.


    Bed bugs are nocturnal. During the day the hide close to where people sleep, such as in mattresses, headboards or boxsprings. They can hide in cracks the width of a credit card and prefer to be close to where they feed. However, they will crawl longer distances if required.

    Tropical Bed Bug


    Australian bed bugs are a common pest found in Australia. They are also known as the tropical bed bug, which refers to their preference for warmer climates rather than colder ones.


    Bed bugs feed mostly at night when the host is asleep. Bites cause small, hard, swollen welts on the skin that may become inflamed and itch severely.

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