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Despite their size, termites are by far the most damaging pest that Aussie homes face. Termite surveys find that 1 in 3 properties in Australia will be affected by termites at some stage, which causes greater damage than fires, storms, and floods combined, causing up to $1 billion in damage to homes each year. Although they are tiny creatures, a single colony can contain several million termites. It's not uncommon for termites to inflict up to $100,000 in damage to your home in just a few months and demolish an entire home in just 2 years.

Many Australians will also find that termite damage is not covered by most home insurance policies, leaving many with damaged homes and no help. These tiny insects devour wood and cellulose-based products and never sleep. That’s right - they’re active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Subterranean termites are the worst culprits, constructing tunnels up to 100m long. Annual timber pest inspections and regular treatments are imperative to protect structures. Homes that are within 50m of a gumtree are considered to be high risk and should consider more regular inspections.

Our Termite Treatment Plans include yearly timber pest inspections, to identify termites before they become a costly problem. Investing in year-round termite protection gives you peace of mind knowing your home is tremite-free.

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Signs of a termite infestation vary depending on the level of damage caused, but all should be taken extremely seriously. During the breeding season, you may be able to see a swarm of termites emerging from a specific site, and you may find small termite wings left behind as they shed their wings when they find a new location for the colony.

Another common sign of termites are brown mud tubes on the interior or exterior of walls. These are known as termite ‘mud leads’ and are tunnels that they build to protect themselves, as subterranean termites are unable to survive in the open air. This is a sure sign of infestations, and you should call Flick immediately on 1300 270 019. You can also test by knocking on wood around your home, specifically skirting boards and door/window frames. If it sounds hollow or there are sagging floors, this is a major indication of a termite problem.

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Flick’s Home Protection Termite Management plans offer you with year-round protection from termites and pests. We offer a variety of termite management plans to suit your home and budget. Simply choose a Gold, Silver or Bronze Termite Home Protection Plan and add-on an ongoing termite management plan for your home, then gain peace of mind knowing your protected.

Many homes are at risk of a termite attack, which is why it’s important to put measures in place to deal with these unwanted visitors and prevent them from coming back. Installing a Flick Termite Management system will reduce the risk of termites from entering and causing irreparable damage to your home. Our versatile and flexible systems include both chemical and non-toxic solutions.

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Backed by a large team, Flick is well-equipped with the tools, technology, and experience it takes to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. As specialists in termite infestation control for new construction, we will work with all clients and within all budgets to ensure that your project stays on track and produces the highest quality results. We use only the most trusted brands of termite-management treatments, all manufactured by trusted, reputable suppliers. Whether you are opening a new business or revamping the family home, you can trust the termite pest control professionals at Flick to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your building for years to come. Backed by a 50-year warranty (subject to annual inspections and conditions), our pre-construction treatments will ensure that your space both meets and exceeds all state and federal regulations.

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Often referred to as white ants, termites are insects which devour wood and most cellulose-containing materials like cardboard, paper, etc. There are significant variations in the colour, shape, and size of termites depending upon the species, but they are all characterised by certain similarities. These critters fall under the order Isoptera and are closely related to cockroaches on the evolutionary scale. Despite their name white ant, they bear no relation to the ant family and wreak havoc on a majority of Australian homes. The key to lowering the cost of termite-related repairs is to conduct frequent termite inspections to detect problems early.

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