Rat Pest Control

Throughout Australia, rats wreak havoc, causing significant damage to both residential homes and commercial properties. Ensuring your property remains free from these pests with proper rat pest control is essential for your health and well-being.

The most troublesome rat and mouse species are notorious for their destructive tendencies, chewing through electrical wiring, wooden structures, insulation, and any furniture or items in their path. Moreover, rats and mice are irresistibly drawn to food and water sources, and their urine, feces, and saliva can harbor a range of diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. Additionally, they serve as carriers for fleas and ticks, which can transmit diseases.

Given their remarkable ability to reproduce swiftly, rats can swiftly evolve into a major problem for both households and businesses. This underscores the importance of professional rat pest control and mice control services. To address these concerns effectively, consider enlisting the expertise of a rat exterminator who can provide expert rat treatment. Don’t wait until the situation becomes overwhelming; act now to safeguard your property with pest control for rats and pest control for mice. Discover more about our comprehensive services when you download our Rat and Mice Control Fact Sheet!

Looking for a non-toxic solution for your rat problem? Learn more about our SMART Digital Pest Control available for homes and businesses.

Flick Home Protection makes protecting your family and home from pests easier than ever. Our effective and affordable pest control plans include an exclusive 12 month warranty. Rodents like mice and rats are included in our Gold Complete Home Protection Plan, along with 24/7 SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring. Find out more here..

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From Preparation to Treatment

A Flick technician will perform a site analysis to determine the extent of the problem, locate nesting sites and consider environmental conditions.

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An Integrated Pest Management solution will be devised, consisting of sanitation, traps and baits and insecticides.

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For commercial premises, we offer SMART Pest Control – an intelligent, digitally monitored system that detects rats and traps them using non-toxic solutions. To learn more about SMART pest control click here.

Signs You Need a Rat Pest Control

Whether you have rats or mice in your home, calling Flick professionals for rat and mice control services should be your first step. Common signs you need mouse and rat pest control include:

  • Signs of rodent waste – rat and mouse droppings are typically shiny and very dark brown or black. Rat droppings can be up to two centimeters in length. Mice droppings are smaller. Urine stains can be dark brown to yellow and smell strongly of ammonia.
  • Signs of chewing – look for small areas that are gnawed and chewed.
  • Life or dead rodents – call in pest control for rats and mice if you see live or dead rodents. Do not touch dead rodents without wearing protective gloves and a mask.
  • Unusual noises or odors – sounds in the walls, floor, or roof combined with ammonia or musty odors can indicate you need pest control for mice and rats.

Pest Control for Rats and Prevention Tips

One of the best ways to avoid the need for mice control or rat control in a home or commercial building is to practice a few simple prevention strategies. To prevent an infestation or re-infestation of your property, plan to:

  • Block entry points and seal cracks – this includes areas around pipes or electrical cords that enter the home at the ground level or in the walls or roof.
  • Proper food storage and waste management – eliminating the source of food and odors of food will help prevent rats and mice from entering. Store food in airtight containers or in the fridge, and take out the trash every day.
  • Maintain a clean and clutter-free environment – rats and mice typically stay in sheltered areas. Eliminating trash and clutter makes it easy to notice any signs of their presence and call in our rat and mouse pest control professionals.
  • Landscape and yard maintenance – remove old lumber and wood and keep areas around the house clean from debris.

Commercial Pest Solutions

Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Our Integrated Pest Management program uses the latest technology focusing on prevention and addressing the root of the causes of pest problems to ensure a pest free environment for commercial workplaces and facilities. Our solutions are tailored to proactively prevent and help mitigate the impact and risk of a pest infestation. We combine tailored multi-faceted solutions with our latest digital pest technology supported by our highly regulated experienced team of technicians to bring you the best in rat pest control. Let us create a customised plan for your workplace today.

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SMART Digital Pest Control

Our SMART Pest Control is an intuitive digital pest control system that keeps an eagle eye on your business with automated detection of rats, cockroaches and moths. SMART Pest Control technology will monitor rat activity around the clock. On detection, the technology instantly reacts, records and reports activity, using non-toxic methods trapping rats in an environmentally friendly way. Combine SMART automation with our regular pest control services for integrated, blanket protection against all major pests.

Learn more by visiting our SMART page or call 1300 270 019.

Common Rat Questions

  1. How do I identify rat droppings?

    Rat droppings are shiny, dark brown to black, and easily visible.

  2. What are the best traps for catching rats?

    We choose the correct traps or elimination methods for rats based on the location in the home. Our SMART digital monitoring system pinpoints their location for correct trap placement.

  3. Do rats carry diseases?

    Yes, rats and mice can carry a variety of diseases, including salmonella, typhus fever, leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, and trichinosis.

  4. How can I prevent rats from coming back after removal?

    Sealing up entry points to the home or business and ensuring food is stored in airtight containers are effective ways to prevent re-infestation.

  5. Is rat extermination safe for my pets?

    Our SMART Digital Pest Control solution offers non-toxic options for rat and mouse control.

Common Rats

Roof Rat


Slender body with large, almost hairless ears, approximately 260g. Black, grey or brown, and may have a white belly. The Roof Rat is also known as the Black Rat.


While they are most likely found in roof voids and walls, Roof Rats can also move freely throughout the building in search of food. They often infest ships and seaports. They are omnivorous but favour nuts, grains, fruits and cereals. They usually forage for food within 50 metres of their nests. They are a major pest due to the contamination of food stuffs and spread of disease through droppings and urine. They are also known as a destrustive pest due to the physical gnawing of wires can cause short-circuits, breakdowns and fires.


The smallest rat among the three species, the roof rat, also known as the ‘black rat’ is often found in roofs. They are a timid species but extremely agile, as they can climb well. Unlike other species of rodents, they don’t burrow, aren’t strong swimmers and rarely venture into sewers. These rats also have a very slender body, making it easy for them to slip through cracks and holes in buildings.

Norway Rat


Heavy-set body with a blunt nose, weighing approximately 450g. Reddish brown fur with small ears and a short tail.


The Norway rat infests warehouses, factories, farms, rubbish dumps, supermarkets, homes and more. Their nesting sites are located in wall voids, roof voids or other areas that offer secluded shelter. They prefer drains, sewers and ground level burrows. The Norway Rat often enter buildings through holes and gaps in poorly constructed buildings, becoming a major pest by gnawing through cables, contaminating food and spreading disease through their urine and droppings.


Norway rats are the largest of the pest species; they will dominate in areas where more than one species exists. Also known as the ‘brown rat, ‘water rat’ or ‘sewer rat’, they are a combination of multiple rodents’ species. They can become aggressive when provoked and live both indoors and outdoors, nesting in sewers, around waterways and in burrows. They are excellent swimmers and can tread water for up to 3 days.

Professional Rat Extermination Services

Flick offers the best in rat and mice pest control services. There are several reasons to call in our technician and avoid a do-it-yourself plan. These include:

  • Identifying infestations – we can quickly identify if mice and rats are a problem, saving you time and money.
  • The correct treatment – we offer a variety of mouse and rat treatment options, including our non-toxic Smart Digital Pest Control solutions.
  • Benefits – we provide comprehensive and customised solutions to rid your home or any type of rodent problem.

Rats and mice can be a problem in both homes and commercial properties across the country. Rodents are not just a nuisance; they can carry potentially deadly diseases and add to the cost of home repairs.

If you believe you have mice or rats, pest control services from Flick are the best way to eliminate the problem. Our non-toxic treatment is safe for your family and pets and provides an affordable and effective way to eliminate these dangerous pests from your home or business.