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    Workplace Washroom & Hygiene Solutions

    Flick provides an extensive range of essential washroom and hygiene solutions for your workplace. Our range encourages good health and hygiene practices to help reduce the risk and spread of viruses and bacteria. Cross-contamination can occur frequently in washrooms, locker rooms, and kitchens due to microorganisms spreading quickly in moist areas along with those transmitted through airborne pathogens. Our range includes everything from soap and hand sanitise dispensers, odour control solutions, sanitation, sharp object disposal, antibacterial wipes and hand drying solutions. However our touch -free premium range provides your workplace with increased hygiene safety to minimise the spread of infection. Poor hygiene places your company’s reputation at risk. The welfare of staff and customers is dependent on the hygiene levels of you provide. Flick can help you identify your needs and tailor a cost-effective and quality-driven solution to meet best practice and quality standards. Our professional trained staff will take care of the hardware installation and regularly service the equipment to ensure your washroom maintains the highest hygienic standards at all times.

    Our Premium Washroom Solutions

    Sanitary Disposal Services

    Your premium feminine hygiene unit and nappy disposal provider. Our discreet and premium disposal solutions will help minimise smell, exposure and provide you with the cleanliness you require. Click here to read more

    Hand Hygiene

    Hand hygiene is vital to workplace health and wellbeing. As many as 200 diseases could be easily transferred from your hands to your mouth, nose or eyes. Our no-touch hand hygiene solutions will help minimise the spread and cross contamination in your workplace environment. Click here to read more

    Odour Control

    Our Air Fresheners give washrooms a pleasant fragrance and eliminate bad odours. Click here to read more


    An unclean toilet cubicle and urinal is the last thing you want in your business to be known for. Click here to read more

    Sharps Disposal

    Protect your staff, customers and the public from sharps items. The disposal of sharps is crucial to maintaining the health and safety of your staff, customers and the public. Used sharps should be immediately placed in a sharps disposal box/container after use. Click here to read more

    Washroom Vending Machines

    Our wide range of washroom vending machines and products are both functional and add essential. Our washroom vending machines are a great way to cater to your customers sanitary product needs. Click here to read more

    Why choose our Washroom and Hygiene?

    • Extensive range of reliable and essential washroom and hygiene services

    • No-touch range for increased hygiene protection

    • Meets hygiene industry and safety standards

    • Fast response customer care technicians available to deal with concerns

    • Regular monitoring and maintenance

    • Customised washroom and hygiene services for your workplace environment

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