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Flick Smart Pest Control

Anticimex Smart – the more intelligent solution to rodent control. Anticimex Smart is an intelligent system that keeps an eye on things you don’t want to see. By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, you can avoid costly rodent infestations in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Envisioning a Safer Workplace

Committed to creating safe work environments for our clients, our vision at Flick Anticimex is to make everyday life on the job easier. We believe that proper hygiene and effective pest control are key to a healthy workplace, and are dedicated to solution-focused treatments that both decrease illness and increase productivity.

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Safe and effective pest control

Flick Anticimex, the pest control company that gets rid of pests and your anxiety.

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Termite Treatment & Solutions

Termites and other pests which infest timber can wreak havoc on your property and business, causing structural damage that is extremely costly to repair.

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Common Workplace Pests

  • Bed Bugs

    These parasites thrive in human environments and feed on human blood causing havoc in your establishment

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  • Cockroaches

    The cockroach is one of the most hated pests in the world, and also presents a range of health risks to animals and humans alike.

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  • Birds

    Certain birds like seagulls, pigeons and sparrows are considered pests in Australia as they create mess and serious health issues

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  • Rats & Mice

    Rats and mice can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, causing great loss of money and damage to health.

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Flick On Line Customer Portal

As part of our commitment to providing superior customer service, Flick continues to invest in the latest in pest reporting technology.

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