Termite Protection For Commercial Properties

Termites cause over $200 million worth of damage to properties around Australia every year. The most feared species is the Subterranean termite, which lives underground and consumes timber and cellulose-based products. Termites live in colonies which can be comprised of millions of termites and build tunnels up to 100m long through structures. This can destroy the building and be disastrous for business owners. Installing expert termite protection with Flick is essential.

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Is My Commercial Property At Risk?

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Your commercial property may be at just as much risk from termites as your home. Subterranean termites can enter underground through minute entry points and can even burrow through concrete to get to timber products. Termites are extremely difficult to prevent because of their tiny size and ability to live in tunnels away from the open air. They can also gain access to the foundation of your commercial property and access to wood, fitting through tiny cracks, gaps and openings in concrete and asphalt. Once they’re in, they will slowly and silently eat away at it until it’s too late. By the time you become aware of an infestation, termites could have already caused extensive damage. It’s integral to have professional termite protection in place.

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1. Spot Treatments For A Quick Fix

If termites have already infiltrated your building, the Flick Anticimex team will inspect and locate the points where termites are feeding. We will then treat them with Termite Dust, which may require several visits over a two-month period.

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2. Baiting

Flick offers several Baiting Systems, which are an environmentally friendly termite solution that monitors, intercepts and eliminates termites.

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3.Complete Eradication (Soil Treatments)

Complete eradication of termites requires a comprehensive approach. For new business buildings, ensure that termite protection is installed at the pre-construction stage. For older buildings, a combination of Termite Dusting, Chemical Soil Treatment and Baiting Systems is effective.

Why Choose Flick?

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Termites are known as “silent destroyers” for a good reason. They may be secretly lurking in your commercial building, causing severe damage that will come with a hefty price down the track. Flick is at the forefront of termite protection. Established for over 100 years as the leading pest control company in Australia, our expert technicians are highly trained in the art of termite warfare. We know what signs to look for and – in key locations – we also use termite detection dogs to locate nests. Flick offers a comprehensive range of termite treatments, from Pre-Construction Systems to Chemical Soil Treatments, Baiting Systems and Termite Dusting.

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