SMART Digital Pest Control

Meet your new workplace protector

Flick’s SMART system keeps an eye on things you don’t want to see. Our system provides business with a non-toxic solution to remotely monitor problems 24/7. By constantly monitoring and we can review the data in real time, detect potential issues and prevent them from becoming a costly infestation.

Our SMART system is environmentally friendly and by using a local food sources and non-toxic attractants, we remove the risk posed to the community and animals by poisonous bait. Our unique multi- catch units eliminate rodents in a humane way. The Flick team takes care of the assessment, installation, surveillance, maintenance and attends the premises for inspections.

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We’ll Be
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SMART Pest Control is an intuitive, digital pest control system that keeps an eagle eye on your business.


SMART technology in your workplace will monitor rodents around the clock. On detection, the technology instantly reacts, records and reports activity, using non-toxic methods trapping rodents in an environmentally friendly way.


Combine SMART automation with our regular pest control services for integrated, blanket protection against all major pests.

Welcome to the next generation of pest control for business

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Pest Control That Works Smarter

24/7 Remote Surveillance

Most pest solutions rely on quarterly or monthly inspections. SMART monitors constantly, reacting instantly and providing live monitoring reports.

Non-Toxic Traps

All SMART traps are 100% non-toxic. Choose an ecofriendly solution for a healthy work environment, and prevent the spread of pesticides.

Avoids Costly Problems

A rodent, cockroach or moth infestation costs your business time and money. SMART neutralises the problem before it starts.

Detect Blind Spots

Rodents excel at hiding in places where they’re hard to detect. With SMART and our innovative sensors, we can detect activities in hidden places and relocate traps and or sensors to that specific area.

Easy Reporting

SMART is an intelligent system connected to our SMART data hub, which allows us to analyse and react when needed. Export the data you need to present results

Peace of Mind

Constant monitoring minimises the risk of an infestation that could harm your business or your relationship with your customers/partners. Rest assured you have the most efficient rodent, cockroach or moth control available.

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    How It Works

    We’ll assess your site and devise an optimal solution for your business. If there’s already an infestation, we’ll neutralise it!

    • We Analyse

      With an approach based on years of industry experience, we inspect, assess and identify risk zones onsite to create a tailored action plan






    • We Activate

      Based on our bespoke plan, we install a system of strategically placed sensors that detect infestations and non-toxic traps that efficiently deal with pests.

      The SMART units are connected and constantly report back to our SMART data hub.




    • We Monitor & Protect

      We’re now your eyes and ears in the workplace. We conduct regular inspections, empty and relocate traps when needed, analyse data and provide you with essential information. If rodent, cockroach and moth activity is detected, we take action.





    Relax. We’ve Got This!

    Physical inspections take time. Emptying traps takes time. Solving infestations takes both time and money and worrying about any of the above takes a lot of energy. None of it is an issue with SMART, because we do it for you.

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    Explore the product range

    Smart Connect

    SMART Connect, the system’s master unit, receives information from all other SMART units on your site and instantly reports back to our SMART data hub.

    The product consists of a single master control box, which connects and controls the SMART units installed on your site. The system creates its own wireless network without interfering with other existing networks at the site

    Smart Eye

    SMART Eye is a small sensor that detects and reports movement. Thanks to its small size, it can be placed innarrow spaces typically favoured by rodents.

    The product is both a monitoring device and a range extender. However, its primary use is as a monitoring device to detect rodent activity. It’s ideal for server rooms, cable runs, electrical cabinets, ceiling and or voids, or other areas that are difficult to inspect.

    Smart Sense

    SMART Sense detects moths and cockroaches by sensing changes in temperature. The bugs are attracted by nontoxic pheromones and captured on a glue board

    SMART Sense is a two-in-one trap that can be floor mounted for cockroaches and wall mounted for moth. It gives an early warning of infestation, and activity can be followed on our digital SMART data hub control center.

    Smart Box

    SMART Box is a multi-catch unit that deals with rodents above ground. Attractants lure the rodent into the box, exterminating it efficiently and without any use of toxins.

    When the rodent enters the trap, sensors detect movement and body heat. A catch function is then activated, euthanising the rodent without the use of toxic bait

    Smart Catch

    SMART Catch is a single catch unit that detects and deals with rodents above ground. Attractants lure the rodent into the trap, exterminating it efficiently and without use of any toxins.

    The trap can both catch and euthanise both mice and rats quickly, humanely and efficiently. At the same time, it can detect and monitor any rodent activity in close proximity from the trap

    Need more info on how SMART can help your business?

    Download the complete SMART booklet

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        Bega also wanted to be ‘greener’ in their approach to pest control. In 2015, the company went to market asking for tenders for all sites. After discussions, Flick SMART Pest Control was chosen. Harnessing the latest in technology, SMART is an environmentally friendly solution that is also at the leading edge of rodent control.

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