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As a strong established brand within the Australian pest control industry we service thousands of residential and commercial customers every year.  Flick’s digital SMART pest control system is regarded as one of the most innovative solutions with in our industry. We are protecting Australians with our high quality washroom and hygiene solutions along with our disinfection services.

Our strong foundation allows us to continue to service our customers and provide exceptional results. We believe commitment to high quality service, excellent communication channels and complete transparency is essential for any healthy long standing partnership.  As a leading Pest Control and Hygiene service provider we partner with a large portion of Australia’s major commercial facilities. Our results speak for themselves, click below to view some of our recent case studies.

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  • Solving Sydney Strata Rodent Problems – The Smart Way!

      Solving Sydney Strata Rodent Problems – The Smart Way!

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  • Aged Care Community Pest & Washroom Services

    Arcare runs a 5-star network of aged care residences across Australia. Arcare were looking to consolidate national pest control and hygiene services by choosing one partner with a proven record of success. Flick was able to meet all Arcare’s requirements and now provide both pest management and washroom services.

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  • Aged Care Community Safety

    Aveo were looking for a pest control partner that could provide them with consistent delivery and a stringent framework which would meet the requirements of each site. To stay compliant, Aveo also requires their sites to be serviced at specific frequencies. With nationwide capabilities and a state-of-the art approach to pest control, Flick were able to meet all Aveo’s requirements and now provide pest and termite services.

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  • How Our SMART Rodent Solution Keeps Bega At Its Best

    Bega also wanted to be ‘greener’ in their approach to pest control. In 2015, the company went to market asking for tenders for all sites. After discussions, Flick SMART Pest Control was chosen. Harnessing the latest in technology, SMART is an environmentally friendly solution that is also at the leading edge of rodent control.

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  • The SMART Way To Catch City Rats

    Rats are a hardy species which prove particularly challenging in cities at the best of times. As carriers of disease, it is crucial that authorities be proactive about eradicating an infestation. Find out how we’ve been using automated, non-toxic pest control to help a large Council keep rats under control.

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  • Frosty Boy Makes A SMART Move In Pest Control

    Flick has established a reputation as one of Australia’s leading pest control and hygiene companies. Frosty Boy asked us to ensure that their pest control infrastructure was at the leading edge and keeping their two factories pest-free and audit-ready. Given the large scale of the sites and the industry sector, the solution would also need to enable remote 24/7 monitoring.

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  • Helping Protect Queensland Rail

    The Covid-19 pandemic has forced public transport networks across the country to take major steps to ensure the community's safety. Flick has been in demand across Australia during the coronavirus crisis, providing high-grade disinfecting services for a wide spectrum of businesses. We are currently helping Queensland Rail protect their employees and passengers by disinfecting their entire network systematically and regularly.

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  • Powerful Disinfectant Gives Peace Of Mind At Over 55’s Lifestyle Community

    As Australia’s leading pest and hygiene company, Flick’s services have been in high demand throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Our powerful disinfectant service has been sought after by commercial customers. The disinfectant we use is proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19. For communities at higher risk from Covid-19 - such as older demographics - this is an incredibly essential service.

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