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    Fleas are common worldwide, often brought into the home by domestic pets. Fleas can bring an irritating itch to both humans and pets, including allergic reaction. Even without pets, it is still possible to experience flea problems. For example, if the previous residents of your home were pet owners or if you work closely with animals. More than 2,000 flea species around the world have been discovered. Protect your family and pets from pesky fleas with the flea pest control experts at Flick.

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    Flea Pest Control

    How to Identify Fleas

    Fleas are small, wingless insects that are known for their jumping abilities and feeding on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Here are the key features and characteristics of fleas:

    1. Size: Adult fleas are tiny, measuring about 1-3 mm in length. Despite their small size, they can be visible to the naked eye.
    2. Colour: Fleas typically have dark brown or black bodies, which can be challenging to spot against furry or dark surfaces.
    3. Shape: Fleas have flat bodies from side to side, allowing them to move easily between hair or feathers. They possess long, powerful hind legs that enable them to jump long distances.
    4. Feeding Habits: Fleas are ectoparasites, which means they feed on the blood of their hosts. They have specially adapted mouthparts designed to pierce the skin and suck blood. Fleas feed frequently, taking multiple blood meals in a day.

    In addition to causing discomfort and irritation, fleas can transmit various diseases to humans and animals. The potential diseases include the plague, typhus, tungiasis, and bartonellosis.

    By understanding these key features and the diseases they may carry, individuals can identify and take appropriate measures to control flea infestations, protecting both humans and animals from potential health risks.

    Preventative Measures for Fleas

    Preventing fleas is crucial to maintain a healthy environment for both pets and humans. By addressing breeding locations and implementing proper treatment measures, we can effectively control and interrupt the flea life cycle, avoiding infestations.

    Firstly, it is essential to identify and eliminate breeding locations where fleas thrive. These areas often include warm and moist spots, such as bedding, carpets, upholstery, and outdoor areas where pets spend the most time. Regularly vacuuming these areas and washing pet bedding in hot water can help remove fleas and their eggs from the environment.

    Treating both pets and the environment is imperative for effective flea prevention. Topical flea treatments and oral medications can be used to kill fleas present on pets and prevent future infestations. Additionally, using flea collars, shampoos, and sprays can provide an extra layer of protection. Treating the environment with flea sprays or foggers can help eliminate fleas in hard-to-reach areas.

    Flea control plays a vital role in interrupting the flea life cycle and preventing infestations. Fleas undergo a complete life cycle, including egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages. By targeting each stage, we can prevent flea eggs from hatching into larvae and larvae from developing into adults. Breaking this cycle will effectively decrease the flea population and prevent infestations.

    How Fleas Are Treated

    Fleas can be a nuisance and a health concern for both pets and humans. Therefore, it is crucial to address flea infestations promptly and effectively. Flick Pest Control employs a comprehensive approach to treating fleas, which involves using an insect growth regulator (IGR) and an adulticide to tackle multiple stages of their life cycle.

    The first step in the treatment process is applying an IGR. This substance inhibits the fleas’ ability to develop and grow properly by disrupting their hormonal balance. By targeting various stages, such as eggs, larvae, and pupae, the IGR ensures that the fleas cannot mature into adult insects. This not only controls the current population but also disrupts their ability to reproduce, significantly reducing the chances of future infestations.

    After applying the IGR, an adulticide is used to target adult fleas. This eliminates the remaining adult population swiftly and effectively. The adulticide is designed to exterminate adult fleas on contact, ensuring a quick resolution to the infestation.

    While treating your pet is essential, it is equally important to have the environment treated simultaneously. Fleas can lay eggs in carpets, bedding, and furniture, allowing them to survive and reinfect your pet. Hiring a professional service like Flick Pest Control ensures that the entire environment is treated thoroughly. This includes treating potential hiding spots, such as cracks and crevices, and using specialised equipment to address the infestation at its source.

    Shield Your Family & Home Year Round from Fleas

    Flick's Home Protection Plans

    Flick's Home Protection Plans provide effective and affordable protection for your home and family from a wide range of pests. Our Gold plan includes preventive measures to stop fleas from entering your home in the first place, as well as reactive and emergency flea pest control services if needed. All plans come with a 12-month warranty* and easy monthly payments. With a variety of plans to choose from, you can find a plan that meets your specific needs and budget. Contact your local Flick branch to see if Home Protection is available in your area and begin shielding your family from fleas today!

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    Commercial Pest Solutions

    Integrated Flea Solutions

    It is essential for businesses to prioritise the health and safety of their employees and customers. Fleas not only pose a health risk but also damage property and reputation. Flick’s professional commercial pest control services provide tailored solutions to prevent and eliminate any pest infestations, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for everyone. Our regular inspections and treatments help to maintain a pest-free workplace and protect your business from potential pest related damage. Trusting in Flick’s commercial pest control solutions is a smart investment in the long-term success and reputation of any business.

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    Common Flea Questions

    1. Where do fleas live?

      The tiny flea thrives in many climates but prefers moist, humid and shady areas. Wood piles and tall grass are common areas. In the home, you will most likely find them in and around pets bedding and carpet. Their laterally compressed bodies enable them to weave in and out of fur, hair or feathers. Your pet may pick them up from the yard or from walks around the neighbourhood.

    2. What are flea bites like?

      On adults, flea bites usually appear as a round red mark with a small dark red dot in the centre. Itching is sometimes felt, while people with allergies may experience swelling and hives. Children’s skin may react in a more extreme way as it is more sensitive. Bites are usually concentrated on the lower legs and ankles. Wash the area with gentle antiseptic or soap, ice it to calm inflammation and apply calamine lotion to soothe. See a doctor if swelling persists.

    3. Why are fleas considered pests?

      Fleas can cause extreme discomfort and annoyance, especially for your precious pet. They may also transfer themselves to a human host and feed on them. They leave bite marks and also feed on human skin flakes, may trigger allergies and skin conditions like dermatitis and mange in dogs. They can also transmit tapeworms to cats and dogs and spread diseases and germs in some countries.

    4. Do I need professional flea control?

      The first line of defence is a program of flea treatments for your pet. However fleas are able to lie dormant for up to a year until they detect movement from a host. Their hard bodies are durable and extremely resistant to pressure; this is what enables them to withstand scratching and other attempts by humans and animals to get rid of them. Treating the household thoroughly is your surest way to remove the problem. To have a flea treatment done in your home, ring your local Flick office at 1300 270 019.

    5. When are fleas active?

      Summer is a flea’s happy time, as they prefer warm and humid conditions. During these times, they move around very easily despite not being equipped with wings. Their long legs enable them to jump great distances, with most fleas being able to leap to a height of up to 18cm, or horizontally up to 33 cm. Relative to the size of their bodies, they are one of the world’s best jumpers! In fact, if humans could jump like a flea, we’d be travelling 3,000 miles and hour within a thousandth of a second.

    Common Flea Species

    Common Flea Pest Control

    Common Fleas


    Tiny at 2.5mm, fleas are yellow, red or dark brown. They have an oval abdomen with a tiny head and six legs that dangle underneath the insect and propel them into the air and onto a host.


    Female fleas lay eggs while attached to the host. The eggs will slowly drop to the ground where they will remain until hatching. Fleas have a short lifecycle. The average flea goes from egg to larva to pupa before becoming an adult, with the process taking anywhere from 2-3 weeks to several months. Adult cat and dog fleas can live up to one year in absolutely ideal environments but only about 1-2 weeks if no host is present.


    Fleas are parasitic. Adult fleas feed on the blood of host animals by biting and sucking blood. Cat and dog fleas will bite and feed on dogs, cats and humans and on outdoor animals such as rodents and possums. Most feeding on a pet takes place when it is sleeping or resting. As fleas are so tiny, you will likely only know you have them if a pet is scratching a lot or tiny bite marks are appearing on humans.

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