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    Stored Product Pests

    Pests in stored products like grains and cereals cause a lot of trouble and expense in the goods supply chain. Making sure that food stays safe and free from contamination involves protecting goods from the pests that would eat them. In addition to eating the stored product, pests can cause damage to storage facilities and contaminate the rest of the stored food without proper control.

    Flick Pest Control offers effective solutions for controlling stored product pests and preventing future infestations. With our expertise in pest control and dedication to customer satisfaction, we can help businesses protect their products and reputation. Trust Flick Pest Control to safeguard your stored goods and keep your business running smoothly.

    Flick Home Protection makes protecting your family and home from pests easier than ever. Our effective and affordable pest control plans include an exclusive 12-month warranty, regular pest inspections, and solutions tailored to your specific situation. Stored Product Pests and Moths are included in our Gold Complete Home Protection Plan. With year-round protection, you can have peace of mind knowing you and your property are kept safe from these destructive pests. Find out more here.

    Stored Product Pests Control

    Shield Your Family & Home Year Round from Stored Product Pests

    Flick's Home Protection Plans

    Flick's Home Protection Plans provide effective and affordable protection for your home and family from a wide range of pests. Our Gold plan includes preventive measures to stop stored product pests from entering your home in the first place, as well as reactive and emergency stored product pest pest control services if needed. All plans come with a 12-month warranty* and easy monthly payments. With a variety of plans to choose from, you can find a plan that meets your specific needs and budget. Contact your local Flick branch to see if Home Protection is available in your area and begin shielding your family from stored product pests today!

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    Commercial Pest Solutions

    Integrated Stored Product Pest Solutions

    It is essential for businesses to prioritise the health and safety of their employees and customers. Stored Product Pests not only pose a health risk but also damage property and reputation. Flick’s professional commercial pest control services provide tailored solutions to prevent and eliminate any pest infestations, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for everyone. Our regular inspections and treatments help to maintain a pest-free workplace and protect your business from potential pest related damage. Trusting in Flick’s commercial pest control solutions is a smart investment in the long-term success and reputation of any business.

    Learn more here or call 1300 270 019.

    Common Stored Product Pest Questions

    1. How do pests get in stored products?

      Pests can get into stored products through cross-contamination or by poor sanitation habits. Because they can crawl and fly, it is easy for them to move into other locations. They also reproduce rapidly, which can lead to infestations if pest populations are not managed as soon as they are noticed.

    2. What can I do to prevent stored product pests?

      Preventing stored product pests means taking a multifaceted control approach. Products should be stored in securely closed containers, free from cracks or crevices. Store products off of the ground and away from walls, whenever possible. You must regularly inspect and monitor your food supply. You must maintain good hygiene and high sanitation standards. You also need to use chemicals safely, when necessary, to prevent infestations.

    3. What treatment options are available for stored product pests?

      To take care of insects within food, there are two options. The first option is to remove and destroy the food, which is very expensive. The second option is to treat the food in a way that keeps the food safe for consumption, while killing the pests.

    Common Stored Product Pest Species

    Indian Meal Moth (Pantry Moth) Pest Control

    Indian Meal Moth (Pantry Moth)


    They have a wingspan of 14 to 20mm. Their wings are pale fawn in colour, and the outer portions of their forewings are reddish brown. Their larvae are large, up to 17mm long. They are off white in colour, but they can be coloured depending on their diet. Their head capsules are dark, and they have 3 pairs of legs plus prolegs.


    Their life cycle is 1 to 2 months. Adults have short life spans- less than 2 weeks, and do not feed. Females lay 200 eggs on food and the larvae feed on that food. Larvae cover the food with webbing and pupate either in the food or adjacent to it.


    They are a common commercial and pantry pest. The larvae feed on cereals, flours, chocolate, seeds, grains, biscuits, dried fruits, dog foods, nuts, and grain-based rodent baits. Find out more in our pest fact sheet below.

    Pantry Moth Fact Sheet

    Angoumois Grain Moth Pest Control

    Angoumois Grain Moth


    Angoumois grain moths have a wingspan of 13 to 17mm. Their wings are buff to yellow brown, with heavy fringe and long hairs. Their hindwings are pointed at the tips. Their larvae are up to 6mm long, pale yellow, with 3 pairs of legs and poorly developed abdominal prolegs.


    They have a 1-to-3-month lifespan. They have a diapause period of 2 to 9 months.


    They lay eggs among grain, then the larvae bore into the grain.

    Rice Weevil Pest Control

    Rice Weevil


    Rice weevils are 2.5 to 3.5mm long. They are reddish brown with four pale spots. Their head has a long, slender spout. Their larvae are white, legless, with a dark head, and can be up to 4mm.


    They have a 4-to-6-week life cycle, though adults can live up to 6 months. Females bore holes in grain and lay their eggs inside. Females lay up to 400 eggs.


    One of the most destructive of stored product pests, they primarily attack grains, but may also eat pastas, which makes pest control a necessity.

    Granary Weevils Pest Control

    Granary Weevils


    Granary weevils are 2.5 to 4mm long as adults. They are dark brown to black in color, with elongated pits on their pronotum. They have a long, slender snout. Their larvae are small, white, legless, and have a dark head.


    Their life cycles are 4 to 6 weeks, but adults can live up to 8 months. Females bore holes in grain, where they lay their eggs.


    Adults cannot fly. They prefer cooler seasons. They feed on grains but may also feed on beans and nuts.

    Lesser Grain Borer Pest Control

    Lesser Grain Borer


    Lesser grain borers are 2.5 to 3mm long. They have reddish brown cylindrical bodies with heads that may be concealed beneath their thoraxes. They have antennae with 3 segments. Their larvae are white, up to 3mm long, with 3 pairs of small thoracic legs.


    Their life cycle is usually 8 weeks, with adults living 1 to 2 months. Females lay up to 300 eggs, but they are not borers.


    They lay their eggs in grain. Adults can fly.

    Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle Pest Control

    Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle


    The saw-toothed grain beetle is 3 to 3.5mm long. They are dark brown, slender, and flattened with saw-tooth-like projections on either side of the thorax. Their larvae are up to 4mm, white, with 3 pairs of legs.


    They have a 3-to-6-week life cycle, but adults can live up to 3 years.


    They attack weakened kernels and are often a secondary pest after another pest has attacked stored grain. They are common pests in pantries. Females lay up to 300 eggs in broken grains and cereals. They feed on grains, cereals, seeds, and other foods. The adults are active, but do not fly.

    Rust-Red Flour Beetle Pest Control

    Rust-Red Flour Beetle


    Rust red flour beetles are 3 to 4mm long. Reddish brown with grooved wing covers and antennae that end with a 3-segmented club. Their larvae are up to 6mm long, white, with a dark head and 3 pairs of legs.


    Their life cycle is 4 to 8 weeks, with adults living 15 to 21 months.


    They attack weakened kernels. They are common in farms, stores, mills, and homes. Females lay eggs among food materials. They eat grains, cereals, stockfeed, seeds, peanuts, dried fruits, spices, chocolates, and more. The adults are strong fliers.

    Confused Flour Beetle Pest Control

    Confused Flour Beetle


    The confused flour beetle is 3 to 4mm long. They look like the rust-red flour beetle, but instead of clubbed antennae they have an antenna that gradually thickens towards the top. The larvae are up to 5mm, white with dark heads and 3 pairs of legs.


    Their life cycle is 4 to 8 weeks and adults can live up to 3 years.


    They cannot fly. They attack weakened kernels and are common at all points in the food production and storage process. They eat a variety of different types of food.

    Flour Mite Pest Control

    Flour Mite


    Flour mites are about .5mm, with pearly white bodies and yellowish or pinkish legs.


    Their life cycle is 2 to 4 weeks.


    They feed in flour, and other great products, but need a relative humidity of 70% or more. They can cause dermatitis in sensitive people.

    Spider Beetle Pest Control

    Spider Beetle


    There are three types of spider beetle. The Australian spider beetle is 2.5 to 4mm long. They are a dull brown with light brown hair covering their elytra. They have pubescent wing covers, bulbous bodies, and long eggs. Their larvae are up to 4mm, white and curled, with 3 pairs of small thoracic legs.


    They have a 3-to-12-month life cycle.


    They attack decaying foodstuffs, seeds, grains, and other organic materials like rodent carcasses and droppings.

    Drugstore Beetle Pest Control

    Drugstore Beetle


    The drugstore beetle is 2 to 3.5mm long, reddish brown, with longitudinal lines of fine hairs on the elytra. They have antennae with 3 segments on the tip. From above, it is difficult to see their heads. The larvae are white, up to 3.5mm, and curled grub with 3 pairs of legs.


    They have a 1-to-6-month life cycle.


    They are pantry pests, who eat a range of foodstuffs including flours, fruits, nuts, biscuits, spaghetti, leathers, dried animals, and spices. Adults do not feed.

    Cigarette Beetle/Tobacco Beetle Pest Control

    Cigarette Beetle/Tobacco Beetle


    The cigarette beetle is 2 to 3.5mm long. They are light brown, oval, with smooth pubescent elytra and serrate antennae. It is difficult to see their heads from above. The larvae are up to 4mm, white, curled grubs with 2 pairs of legs.


    Their life cycle is 1 to 4 months.


    They have a wide range of food sources but are a major best for tobacco. Adults feed on the same stuff as larvae. These pests may also attack grains, seeds, dried fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts, biscuits, dried animals, fish, meat, and additional stored product without proper control.

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