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At Flick, we can handle any pest infestations that affect your business or home because we are the leading provider of ant pest control on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is a humid area, meaning that the leafy surroundings could be the ideal breeding ground for pests, including ants.

It’s wise to have a trained pest technician to help with ant control on the Gold Coast. They will offer safe treatments that only target the affected parts of the property.

Do you require ant pest control services on the Gold Coast? We offer preventative inspections and many other ant management solutions to fit your needs for your business or home.

If you notice ants coming into the property, you should call (07) 5515 7980 to speak to an expert and find out more information!

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Gold Coast Ant Pest Control

Ants will often thrive in gardens for many years, and they can be beneficial. In fact, they’ll turn over the soil and break down compost. However, when they begin invading the house or business, it’s a different story altogether. You’ll require ant removal on the Gold Coast!

Sometimes, ants will choose to nest in the walls or within the kitchen. If you see an ant trail forming, you might consider wiping them up or using a pesticide spray to kill them. However, it’s a short-term fix. Instead, it’s wise to choose pest control. Ants on the Gold Coast will never go away, so you need a professional to treat them at the source.

Whether you are renovating, have an existing property, or are building a new home, you can call (07) 5515 7980. Our team will help you book your ant inspection and offer treatments that work for you.

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Gold Coast Is Prone to Ant Infestations

Every residential and commercial property is prone to ants. Though they aren’t a threat, they can be a huge nuisance. Furthermore, they could get into your food and soften up the soil around trees and in the garden. In extreme cases, they might attack your electrical wiring. Therefore, you definitely need pest control for ants on the Gold Coast!

We primarily treat homes and businesses for Coastal Brown Ants and Black Ants. These species will form nests in the yard and will enter an office or home space if they cannot find enough water during drought periods. Furthermore, they could enter the premises after significant rainfall when their nests have flooded.

Coastal Brown Ants are often found in urban areas, and they seek out oily foods, meat, and fat. However, Black Ants prefer sweeter treats, such as jams and honey. Ant prevention on the Gold Coast is the best solution. You should keep your food tightly sealed in jars and mop up spills quickly to ensure they don’t come into your house.

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Gold Coast Ant Pest Control

Why Ants Are a Nuisance for Commercial Premises in Gold Coast

Our team of professionals offer ant treatment on the Gold Coast to restaurants, office spaces, and other businesses. Communal areas and kitchenettes are also prone to infestations.

Biscuits in desk drawers, birthday cake crumbs, and food that isn’t sealed correctly in cabinets will all attract ants, which is why you may need commercial ant control on the Gold Coast.

If you have an infestation in your workplace, you know it’s a nuisance for yourself and all employees. An ant infestation will also deter customers. It’s wise to request ant pest control services on the Gold Coast before the problem becomes too severe.

Don’t put your reputation at risk. Call (07) 5515 7980 to speak to an expert about ant pest control on the Gold Coast today!

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Why You Need to Call Flick for Ant Problems in Homes in Gold Coast

Ants are often a challenging pest to eliminate. You might try using chemical sprays that you can buy over the counter. However, the ants you see in your house are just a small portion of the population. You require ant control on the Gold Coast.

One of our technicians will come to your location and identify the ant species. They’ll also locate the nest, which might be close to or far away from the home. The treatment you receive depends on the colony size, but you still require pest control. Ants on the Gold Coast can overwhelm your property quickly!

A technician can treat the ants at the source. Requesting ant removal on the Gold Coast is the best solution. Then, you can prevent them from coming back!

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Subscribe & Save with Ant Pest Protection in Gold Coast

You can subscribe to the Gold Home Protection plan now, which will protect your home from various pests. We offer ant treatment on the Gold Coast now, but you’ll also receive routine inspections and many other perks. You’re safe 24/7/365. Learn more by clicking here!

Pest control for ants on the Gold Coast is something everyone will require. We’ve been servicing homes in the area for more than 100 years.

It’s possible to protect your property from ants with residential and commercial ant control on the Gold Coast! Call (07) 5515 7980 today to get started!

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Reliable Ant Control Solutions in Gold Coast

Most homeowners and business owners realise that ant prevention on the Gold Coast is the first line of defence. You can avoid infestations by cleaning up messes quickly and keeping food in airtight containers. However, that won’t always prevent ants from coming into the building.

They are small creatures that will invade the house during the wet weather. The Gold Coast is known for its rainy periods, with February being the worst. These pests come in to get away from the moisture and feed on what you have available in the house!

If you find yourself with an infestation, avoid disturbing the ants if possible. Instead, it’s best to call (07) 5515 7980 to request an inspection from a professional. Our team fully understands the treatments for ant removal on the Gold Coast and will ensure that your property is ant-free when we’re done.

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Flick Pest Control Gold Coast4.6 review us onNoMad Music Australia O.NoMad Music Australia O. ★★★★★ Vince & Scott did a sterling job on the pest control service and termite inspection in our home at Terranora. Very friendly and helpful guys, highly recommend them. Martine & Charlie.Sharon M.Sharon M. ★★★★★ Mason came today and must say was thrilled with his kind manner, attention to detail and professional workmanship.Thank you so much for a job well done, we will definitely use your company in the future. :)Garry J.Garry J. ★★★★★ Excellent. Friendly service. Recomend highlyJulia C.Julia C. ★★★★★ Peter was very professional and thorough. He checked the whole house inside and out and advised us on things we can do to help stop pests invading our house.With small children, this was very important to us, particularly in the summer time.We haven't seen any cockys, ants or spiders since. We will definitely have Amalgamated Pest Control take care of our pest control every year.Thanks!js_loader

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