Gold Coast Bird Control

As the leading bird pest control provider on the Gold Coast, we take care of any bird infestation or problems affecting your home or business.

Gold Coast’s warm, humid, and inviting climate attracts many beautiful birds to the area. Unfortunately, they can settle in urban areas and cause structural damage to storefronts and businesses. They also spread disease, bacteria, and mites, causing alarm and doing damage to the reputation of businesses.

Our professionally trained bird technicians will assess the situation via a thorough inspection, then provide a solution that secures the area through bird removal and bird nest removal, as well as provide bird control services by preventing birds from building nests and settling down in the future.

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Gold Coast Bird Protection and Control

The beautiful Gold Coast attracts many birds because of the sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately, that often means there will be a great deal of damage to many buildings, there will be an increase of bacteria and diseases, and the reputation of many businesses will be compromised because of the constant presence of these birds.

Urban communities are communities that especially need to be aware and proactive when it comes to these birds. That’s why you need to hire a professional bird control company to rid your property of these pests.

Call (07) 5515 7980 to discuss the steps you need to take to protect your property from birds. Talk to our experts and book professional bird control to keep pest birds from becoming a major problem.

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Gold Coast Is Prone to Bird Infestations

The Gold Coast has experienced many issues from introduced species of birds that have settled in urban areas. They cause a great deal of structural damage because of their tendency to settle down and build nests. They also increase the likelihood of disease because of the bacteria and viruses they carry. Businesses in these areas will often get a downgrade in reputation just because these birds are around their premises.

Flick will send experienced technicians to your home or business to assess your specific situation via a complete inspection of your area, then create an individualised solution to provide bird control solutions that will cause minimal harm to the birds, but also secure your premises.

Some of you may think you can handle your bird issue yourself through DIY methods. However, this is not a good idea because Flick’s efficient methods are customised for your specific situation. We have extensive experience with both residential bird pest control and commercial bird control; each of which has specific challenges that we know how to handle properly.

Add in the fact you have to spend a lot of money and put in a lot of physical work in order for these DIY methods to work properly, it is better to call in a professional company like Flick. Plus, DIY methods are known to cause additional damage to property, so you may actually make the problem worse, while not solving the initial bird problem either.

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Birds sitting on rail in Gold Coast

Hire Professional Bird Control Before Building for Bird Treatment and Bird Proofing

New buildings being constructed in Gold Coast are taking into account bird controls to safeguard for the future. Bird management systems deter birds from settling down in specific areas, which keeps them from building nests in and near your building. Therefore, you can expect your buildings to last well into the future.

Our acoustic and audible bird control solutions can provide bird pest control on the Gold Coast. The high-frequency tone is one that cannot be heard by humans, but pest birds do hear the tone and take off from the area to avoid hearing it. Large, open areas are excellent areas to use this method; this harmless method also works well when other methods cannot be easily employed.

Flick’s experts also provide bird-proofing services through a stainless-steel wire with high-quality polyethylene netting that is put around the problem area to ensure the birds stay out for good. The netting is also UV resistant against the hot Australian sun; thus, it will not disintegrate after a few years of use. We have various colours to fit virtually every landscape imaginable, and this netting is very effective at keeping pest birds away.

If you are dealing with a pest bird problem, it is vital to get bird control services right away. Call (07) 5515 7980; we will inspect your home right away so we can create a tailored solution for your particular situation. Do not take unnecessary structural damage; call us today!

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Reliable Bird Treatment Solutions in Gold Coast

Flick provides bird treatment and proofing services to keep your buildings structurally sound, as well as free of diseases, mites, and bacteria. This is especially important to help ensure the well-being of your family, friends, guests, and customers.

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Residential Bird Pest Control in Gold Coast

We offer effective residential bird pest control in Gold Coast and nearby areas. We provide bird removal, bird nest removal, bird treatment, and bird-proofing to help keep pest birds from causing problems at your home and in your life.

We have been servicing thousands of local homes in Gold Coast and nearby areas for over a century. Protect your property from pest birds. Call (07) 5515 7980 today.

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Commercial Bird Control in Gold Coast

We provide professional commercial bird control for businesses in Gold Coast you can rely on using the latest tailored solutions to keep a bird-free environment for your business. A bird infestation often leads to a downgrade of your reputation. It also often leads to expensive structural damage and can lead to an increased health risk for you and your staff, as well as for customers and clients.

Regardless of the type and size of your business, we can customise a tailored plan for your workplace.

Call (07) 5515 7980 or schedule a site analysis today.

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Flick Pest Control Gold Coast4.6 review us onNoMad Music Australia O.NoMad Music Australia O. ★★★★★ Vince & Scott did a sterling job on the pest control service and termite inspection in our home at Terranora. Very friendly and helpful guys, highly recommend them. Martine & Charlie.Sharon M.Sharon M. ★★★★★ Mason came today and must say was thrilled with his kind manner, attention to detail and professional workmanship.Thank you so much for a job well done, we will definitely use your company in the future. :)Garry J.Garry J. ★★★★★ Excellent. Friendly service. Recomend highlyJulia C.Julia C. ★★★★★ Peter was very professional and thorough. He checked the whole house inside and out and advised us on things we can do to help stop pests invading our house.With small children, this was very important to us, particularly in the summer time.We haven't seen any cockys, ants or spiders since. We will definitely have Amalgamated Pest Control take care of our pest control every year.Thanks!js_loader

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