Pressrelease 31-08-2016 Traditionally in Australia, there is no warranty on termite inspections performed on your home. What happens if termites are found after the inspection? Tough luck, you will have no cover on your home.

“Now that’s a thing of the past. Flick Anticimex is offering our customers a warranty period of 12 months for all our termite inspections from the initial date of service,” says Rowan Gregson from Flick Anticimex.

This is a giant step in the pest management industry where there is no legal onus on a pest control business to offer a warranty when no treatment has been carried out. Flick Anticimex has decided to back the quality of its inspections and lead the industry. We are the first and only pest management company in Australia to offer this fantastic value-add.

  • The Australian standard AS 3660.2 recommends homeowners carry out a termite inspection every 12 months or more often in high risk areas.
  • All Flick Anticimex branches around Australia are the first to offer 12 month warranty on all termite inspections. Your local office can be found here:
  • If termites are found within 12 months after our inspection, where termites were not initially identified, we will eradicate the termites free of charge.
  • Tailored recommendations provided after every inspection should be followed to ensure your home is protected.
  • The 12 month warranty does not cover timber damage within the house.
  • Should your Flick technician recommend more frequent termite inspections due to high risk areas, the warranty will stand for the recommended frequency of inspection.

“This warranty will allow homeowners to have peace of mind that their greatest asset is backed by Australia’s original and most recognised Pest Management Company” he said. “So now you can simply choose between a company that warrants their work or one who does not!” states Rowan, Flick’s Procurement & Technical Manager.

For advice, on the ground help and full terms and conditions, Flick Anticimex can be contacted through or on 1300 270 019.

Published: 31-08-2016