Flick Anticimex strengthens its position through the acquisition of Amalgamated Pest Control

Flick Anticimex continues its acquisition initiative across Australia. The acquisition of Amalgamated Pest Control will strengthen the local operations around Australia.

This merger will strengthen Flicks position as the leading pest control company with the aim to improve the existing high quality of service by offering a wider array of services as the proficiency of both firms combined. The tradition we have for excellent service and deep expertise will be enhanced as both firms share similar values.

Amalgamated Pest Control grew from two small family companies back in 1923 into one of Australia’s largest privately owned pest control companies. They officially became Amalgamated Pest Control in 1961, following the amalgamation of the two established family pest control companies. Amalgamated Pest Control provides a range of residential and commercial pest control service, including termite inspections, termite protection and more.

About Flick

Anticimex Flick is a strong established brand within the pest control industry in the Australian marketplace. Commencing operations in 1918 and we now have over 780 technicians servicing over 300,000 customer sites annually. We protect over 55,000 commercial sites and 180,000 residential customers from pests every year. We also keep our commercial customer’s premises hygienically clean by servicing over 54,000 washrooms sites. Flick Anticimex is regarded as Australia’s No. 1 Leading Pest Control and Hygiene company and one of New Zealand’s Leading Pest Control companies.

Anticimex Group is the modern pest control company. Through prevention, new technology and sustainable solutions, we meet the new demands for healthy environments, for both individuals and businesses. Anticimex employs around 7 400 people, serving more than 3 million customers in 20 markets worldwide. Total revenue in 2020 amounted to approximately AUD 1.5 billion.

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