Flu season looks to be the worst yet in NSW

News 03-07-2017 The Department of Health NSW has recently released an influenza report indicating that influenza activity will continue to increase.

ABC News announced that influenza cases are 21 per cent higher than previous worst year.

Whilst this increase is consistent with the flu season, however the news is particularly alarming for NSW residents as NSW health institutions disclosed a 36 percent increase in reported influenza outbreak. The number of influenza outbreaks in NSW institutions between January and June 2017 is already four times the amount reported in 2011. To properly combat the epidemic, Health Department NSW recommends receiving the flu shot before the peak of the flu season.

The flu vaccine produces a relatively short-lived immune response of about 6-12 months after vaccination so people are encouraged to update their flu shot every year.

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This article was originally posted at ABC News.

Published: 03-07-2017

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