Illegal mice bait possibly causing death of corellas in western Victoria

News 29-06-2017 Rodent epidemics are becoming more common across Australia.

There has recently been a surge of reports from South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria indicating an increase in rodent activity.

ABC News recently reported the unfortunate death of 43 corellas in western Victoria. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning fears that the cause of death was through ingesting illegally produced rodent baits. Although nothing has been confirmed, wild life officer, Glenn Smith believes the autopsy results will reveal the true cause of death.

“Illegal mouse baiting can and does result in the death of native wildlife, in particular our bird species such as the rosellas, galahs, sulphur-crested cockatoos and corellas,” Mr Smith said.

In light of the recent extreme rodent events Flick Anticimex would like to stress the importance of always using a Professional Pest Manager to undertake rodent baiting activities within your home and property in preference of DIY products.

All Flick Pest Technicians:

  • Have been highly trained to ensure rodent baiting programs are undertaken using industry best practice methods.
  • Use lockable tamperproof rodent bait stations to ensure pets, children and other animals do not have access to the rodent bait inside.
  • Use baits and baiting practices that are proven to be effective in comparison to DIY solutions, which often only provide a temporary solution.

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Published: 29-06-2017

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