Flick Anticimex acquires Sandgate Pest Control!

Flick is excited to announce that they continue to expand Flick’s coverage with the recent acquisition of Sandgate Pest Control based out of Brighton, QLD.

Flick has proudly acquired Sandgate Pest Control; a commercial, residential and pre-construction pest control business with a strong base in Brisbane. Led by Louise Howarth, Sandgate has been servicing the pest control needs of predominantly commercial and residential customers, but also has a nice pre-construction portfolio. The Sandgate business will merge with our Flick Brisbane branch.


Commenting on the acquisition, Robert Newby, Regional General Manager of Flick Anticimex’s North West Region:

For 50 Years, the Howarth Family and their amazing team have delivered high quality pest control and personalised solutions to many residential and commercial properties in and around the Sandgate areas as well as more broadly in Brisbane area. The relationships formed over many years have contributed to the success of Sandgate Pest Control and we look forward to those continuing.


Commenting on the acquisition, Dallas Hall, Branch Manager of Brisbane’s Flick Anticimex:

We are excited to further enhance and extend our existing market-leading pest control services in Brisbane through the acquisition of Sandgate Pest Control. Louise Howarth and her team have built a strong reputation for delivering a quality service over many years, resulting in a long-term partnership with an extensive list of valuable clients. I believe the two businesses complement each other extremely well, and Sandgate is a welcomed addition to our branch.  The entire Brisbane Team is motivated in merging our businesses successfully and making sure all our staff and customers remain a priority.



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