How Our Pest Control Services Protect Australia’s Shores

Flick pest control services have been going from strength to strength in Australia in 2020; supporting a community newly alert to the importance of safety and health through hygiene and quality pest control.

Australia is heavily dependent on import and export for many goods. However, vessels and cargo loads can be carriers of major pests and germs, which can endanger both the community and local agriculture. These include termites, ants, weevils, mites, moths and mosquitoes – also known as ‘Stored Product Insects (SPIs).

Due to this, Australia has strict biosecurity measures in place. All companies operating in and out of the country must ensure that they follow stringent sanitation and storage guidelines and declare any biosecurity risks.

Targeted pest control of containers, silos and facilities is also an essential treatment.

What is targeted pest control?

Targeted pest control is the spraying of pesticides to kill Stored Product Insects. It helps protect businesses in the import/export realm including:

– Shipping and cargo
– Warehousing
– Milling
– Manufacturing; and
– Agriculture

Flick Anticimex is a leading force in the pest control industry and is MPI approved to carry out a wide range of fumigation treatments for import/export container loads, ships and silos, as well as onshore facilities. This ensures shipments are transported safely and do not contaminate on reception or transport.

We also carry out our own fumigant gas monitoring rather than using a third party, which means we are flexible and can safeguard facilities on short notice.

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