Staying Open? Meet the Flick Covid-19 Team Fighting for Melbourne

As Melbourne deals with Stage 4 lockdown, our team of professionally trained technicians are treating essential businesses that remain open with a powerful disinfectant.


How Flick is Protecting Melbourne

Flick is Australia’s largest provider of pest and hygiene services. We’ve been providing high-grade disinfectant misting services throughout the coronavirus pandemic, treating everything from public transport networks to commercial and residential spaces. “In addition to routine cleaning, regular disinfection services should be part of every businesses action plan to be on the front foot against the spread of harmful viruses” said Jussi Ylinen, CEO Flick Anticimex.

Operating strictly in line with the Victorian Government stage 4 requirements, our expert team is in the field disinfecting warehouses and other essential services such as food production and manufacturing,


Boost Regular Cleaning Schedules

The service is both preventative and defensive, with emergency treatments neutralising infected areas. The fine disinfectant mist binds to all surfaces and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 (ARTG 336972).

It also neutralises hard-to-reach spaces that normal cleaning can’t reach. Using it boosts your cleaning schedule and gives high-use spaces maximum protection.

The quick-drying, non-toxic disinfectant requires minimal downtime and can be applied after hours.


Keep the Community Safe with Non-Touch Sanitisers

Extreme hygiene vigilance should now be part of your daily framework. We recommend installing non-touch hand sanitiser spray stations throughout every business and establishing staff and customer guidelines on social distancing and hygiene.

Flick is one of the largest providers of non-touch hygiene products in Australia, along with comprehensive washroom hygiene services. Have a qualified hygiene technician service your hospitality business regularly to ensure onsite germ transmission is neutralised.

Let’s protect Melbourne together. Find out more today about how you can fight Covid-19 with Flick.

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