Will Your Empty Business Have a Stage 4 Rat Problem?


One population is thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic – rats! As Melbourne residents deal with Stage 4 lockdown restrictions, many businesses are sitting empty, providing the perfect breeding ground for rodents.

Flick is Australia’s leading pest control and hygiene company. Our powerful disinfection services have been in demand throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as have our SMART rodent multi-catch solutions.

The pandemic has triggered a rise in rodent numbers

Rats are a tough species which prove particularly challenging in cities at the best of times. As carriers of disease, it is crucial that businesses are proactive about pest control.

Rodent numbers swelled during the earlier lockdown across Australia, as rats looked for new sources of food in abandoned businesses. Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne mean that pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, retail shops and offices are all prime for an infestation.

“Getting an existing rat problem under control is one thing, more importantly businesses should strongly consider a robust rodent eradication system that detects the problem early” Said Jussi Ylinen, CEO Flick Pest Control. “The last thing you want to return to after the 6 week lockdown is a rat infestation!”

The SMART solution 

Flick’s SMART Pest Control is an intelligent system that uses remote digital monitoring and interconnected multi-catch bait stations. By combining automation and expertise for commercial enterprises, we can quickly get a wide-scale rodent problem under control.

The non-toxic multi-catch stations trap rodents, while the innovative sensor system detects any new infestations, communicating the information back to the SMART Hub. Monitoring 24/7, the Flick team can build a picture of the situation and take further preventative action to avoid a larger problem from occurring, saving time and money.

Used by leading commercial groups, our SMART Pest Control are a transparent solution with results you can measure.

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