Are Pests the Ultimate PR Nightmare for FMCG Companies?

Pest control may sound humdrum but it is crucial for FMCG companies, particularly food retailers and production facilities. The latter are highly vulnerable to attacks by rodents, cockroaches and stored product insects (moths, beetles), all of which can ruin stock, cause massive revenue loss and destroy a brand’s reputation.

FMCGs usually offer everything a pest is looking for: large amounts of food onsite, plentiful water supply and areas in which pests can happily reproduce and proliferate. Access is also often easy, with a constant flow of merchandise and customers presenting them with a direct route into a facility.

Pests Can Cause Irreparable Damage

A pest infestation can be fatal for a brand’s reputation. Even a single and potentially isolated occurrence can drive customers away for life. Pests can traffic up to 200 known diseases, including Salmonella and e.Coli; a risk to public health that can lead to a business being non-compliant with food hygiene regulations, and failing audits.

Ultimately, poor pest control can lead to the shutdown of an FMCG business. Even if this doesn’t happen, massive costs to the business may be incurred by spoiled produce, plus repairs to damaged infrastructure such as chewed electrical cables and machinery.

Get SMART and Detect Pests Early

Pests have an astonishing ability to reproduce and survive. Traditional pest control methods rely on a problem getting out of hand and being reported before action is taken. Flick SMART detects problems early, as it is an intelligent system that uses remote digital monitoring for 24/7 surveillance, and interconnected boxes to trap pests.

The catch boxes trap pests using non-toxic methods, while the innovative sensor system detects any new infestations, communicating the information back to the SMART Hub. Monitoring the boxes 24/7, the Flick team can build a picture of the situation and take further action if required.

Already used by leading FMCGs around Australia, Flick’s SMART Pest Control is a transparent solution with measurable results. Contact us today to find out more and protect your brand’s reputation.

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