EQT introduces longer-hold investment strategy – announces first investment in Anticimex

  • Leading global pest control specialist Anticimex becomes the first investment by EQT’s longer-hold strategy with impact at the core
  • The investment in Anticimex is made alongside long-term investors such as Melker Schörling AB (who will be the second-largest shareholder), GIC, AMF, Interogo Holding Long-Term Equity and Alecta
  • Natural next step on EQT’s overall strategic development – EQT’s Private Capital business segment adds longer-hold impact at scale strategy to its palette of investment strategies

Building on three decades of future-proofing businesses, EQT is today proud to announce the acquisition of leading global pest control specialist Anticimex which becomes the first investment of EQT’s new purpose-driven strategy with longer-term investments and impact at its core. The transaction, where the selling party is the EQT VI fund, has an enterprise value of SEK 60 billion and the investment is made together with several long-term investors, such as Melker Schörling AB (MSAB), who will be the second largest shareholder, GIC, AMF, Interogo Holding Long-Term Equity and Alecta.

Per Franzén, Partner and Head of Private Capital’s Advisory Teams, said, “EQT has always been a thematic-driven investor. In order to best catch the opportunities that today’s global challenges bring, we are introducing a new longer-hold strategy. Having a positive impact on societal and environmental problems takes huge investments, real commitment, and time. To meet these challenges, we are introducing a longer-hold strategy to capture the largest business opportunity of our time, spotting investment opportunities that will reshape the future. This is also a natural development of EQT’s Private Capital platform – our digital focus, with EQT Ventures, Motherbrain and EQT Growth, is now complemented by a longer-hold strategy with impact at the core which is the next step on our sustainability journey.”

Andreas Aschenbrenner, Partner within EQT Private Equity’s Advisory Team, said, “Pest control is vital for both industries and society by reducing pest-borne diseases and food waste. Anticimex is a digital leader in the pest control industry with its SMART technology, driving change towards pesticide-free solutions and increasing efficiency in preventing infestations – together with Jarl and his team, the plan is to further accelerate the roll-out of the SMART solution, over time contributing to a cleaner and healthier world. As such, we believe Anticimex is a perfect example of a company that long-term can reshape an industry and have a substantial positive impact.”

Jarl Dahlfors, CEO at Anticimex, said, “After nine intense years of transformation, with expansion across Europe, North- & South America and APAC, we are thrilled to embark on the next phase of Anticimex’ journey. Together with EQT and the significant investment step-up from MSAB as well as the support from other strong partners like GIC, AMF, Interogo Holding Long-Term Equity, and Alecta, we will be in a strong position to capitalize on the great opportunities ahead.”

Gun Nilsson, CEO at MSAB, said, “MSAB is an active owner, like EQT, with a strong track record in supporting businesses on growth journeys. We share a Nordic heritage and a global mindset and have well-grounded values and a deeply rooted culture. Together, we are natural partners to support Anticimex on this journey. Long-term, we have a firm ambition to remain a major shareholder in Anticimex in line with our established model for industrial holdings.”

Choo Yong Cheen, Chief Investment Officer of Private Equity at GIC, said, “We are pleased to partner with EQT, our longstanding partner, on this investment in Anticimex. The company has been generating strong revenue growth with its local branch-level leadership in every market they operate in, coupled with achieving global scale through acquisitions. In addition, Anticimex utilizes its digital SMART solution of accurate and fast monitoring sensors as well as environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products to be a leading sustainable pest prevention operator. As a long-term investor, we believe Anticimex will bring about positive impact such as keeping societies healthy, reducing societal costs such as food wastage and preventing hazardous events.”

Anders Oscarsson, Head of Equity at AMF, said, “This form of long-term investments, with clear impact objectives, is central to how AMF as an investor aims to create returns to our clients. We look forward to continuing to be part of the Anticimex digital and sustainability story, it is an amazing company with a great potential to further disrupt the entire pest-control industry but now on a truly global scale.”

The transaction is expected to close in Q4 2021.



EQT Press Office, press@eqtpartners.com


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