Flick Anticimex strengthen its position in the regional city of Horsham and Melbourne through the acquisition of BugROff Pest Busters (“BugROff”), Horsham Pest Control (“Horsham”) & Integrity Pest Control (“Integrity”)

Flick Anticimex continues its acquisition initiative in Victoria for the year. The acquisition of BugROff and Horsham strengthens the local operations in regional city of Horsham especially within the termite, general pest and residential services. Acquisition of Integrity builds to Flick’s commercial portfolio in Melbourne.

BugROff was established by Steve Olver 13 years ago after. Steve and Rebekah have grown BugROff to a commendable presence in Horsham being awarded Australian Pest Manager of the year two years in a row 2020, 2021, and acquiring local companies like Schbuert’s Pest Services. The acquisition of BugROff will support a geographical expansion of the Flick services in the city of Horsham and surrounds.

Horsham Pest Control was established 15 years ago and after working in the building industry, acquired by Barrie 3 and a half years ago. Barrie has grown the business to a strong standing in Horsham and surrounds and will support a geographical expansion of the Flick services as they have been servicing the city of Horsham and surrounds.

Integrity was established by Darren & Tracy in 2007 after working in the pest control business for over 20 years. Darren & Tracy have grown Integrity to a commendable presence in Melbourne and will support a geographical expansion of the Flick services as they have been servicing the commercial businesses in the city of Melbourne and surrounds.

Steve Olver, Managing Director of BugROff commented:

We would like to firstly thank our fantastic team and customers for being part of our business for the past 13 years. Our success and achievements are because of our passion to deliver high quality, professional pest control. Joining Flick Anticimex represents for us a great opportunity to expand our knowledge and bring this to the benefit of our local clients. Being part of Flick Anticimex, leveraging from their international experience as part of Anticimex Group, will allow us to further improve the quality level of our services by developing alternative and preventive SMART pest control solutions and offering FLICK HOME PROTECTION. Also, I am pleased to offer to our employee’s new possibilities offered to us being part of this growing global organization. I am very proud of the success that our family-owned company has achieved, thanks to our team and to our customers.

Shaun Coe, Regional General Manager – South Region, Flick Anticimex commented:

“I am very happy and enthusiastic about the businesses of BugROff, Horsham and Integrity joining us today. These are renowned and well-run business in Horsham and Melbourne. We are all looking forward to working together with the respective teams, as their culture of excellence toward employees and clients align naturally with the way we do things at Flick. Combining our decades of experience with the latest technological innovations will result in an even better customer service experience.”

For more information, please contact:

Steve Olver, Managing Director, BugROff Pest Busters
Phone +61 428 534 845, Email steve@bugroffpestbusters.com

Barrie Gilsenan, Owner, Horsham Pest Control
Phone +61 419 538 594, Email horshampestcontrol@outlook.com

Darren Christie, Partner, Integrity Pest Control
Phone +61 411 253 295, Email christie70@bigpond.com

Shaun Coe, Regional General Manager – South, Flick Anticimex
Phone +61 429 367 250, Email Shaun.Coe@flick.com.au

About Flick Anticimex

Flick is a strong established brand within the pest control industry in the Australian marketplace. Commencing operations in 1918 and we now have over 780 technicians servicing over 300,000 customer sites annually. We protect over 55,000 commercial sites and 180,000 residential customers from pests every year. We also keep our commercial customer’s premises hygienically clean by servicing over 54,000 washrooms sites. Flick Anticimex is regarded as Australia’s No. 1 Leading Pest Control and Hygiene company and one of New Zealand’s Leading Pest Control companies.

Anticimex Group is the modern pest control company. Through prevention, new technology and sustainable solutions, we meet the new demands for healthy environments, for both individuals and businesses. Anticimex employs around 7 400 people, serving more than 3 million customers in 20 markets worldwide. Total revenue in 2020 amounted to approximately AUD 1.5 billion.

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