Guessing Isn’t Good Enough: 3 Reasons To Use Data-Driven Pest Control for FMCGs

After a challenging year, it’s never been more important to be on top of business risks for FMCGs. New policies, altered working conditions and evolving customer demands have meant adaptation and future-proofing are at the forefront of everyone’s agendas.

Pests can cause huge economic losses for FMCG food retailers and producers and in the current environment, guessing really isn’t good enough anymore. What used to be an area deemed as a hygiene factor is increasingly thought upon as ‘business critical’ – an essential part of the decision-making process of the food company of tomorrow.

Data-driven pest control like Flick’s SMART Pest Control can help companies build a more resilient, safer and forward-looking business. Here are three great reasons to switch to data-driven pest control in your FMCG.

1. SMART Systems Detect Pest Problems Early

Digital transformation is at the centre of many businesses, with automation, IIoT, connected and data-driven solutions enabling food producers to stay ahead of their competition.

However, this can also make warehouses and facilities more vulnerable to pests, as there are far fewer people onsite. Pests can chew through technical cables and disrupt entire operations, plus pose a public health risk.

An intelligent pest control system enables early detection and drives efficiency across operations. SMART Pest Control from Flick detects pests using sensors and traps them using non-toxic methods, providing 24/7 surveillance and peace of mind and limiting the risk of contamination.

2. Data-Driven Pest Control Helps a Business Stay Compliant

The pandemic has led to regulations being tightened even further across an already highly-controlled sector. Consumers are also looking for transparency around hygiene issues. Pests can traffic up to 200 known diseases – close enough definitely isn’t good enough when it comes to pest control!

Flick’s SMART Pest Control offers analysis of the situation and can export data for an external party, such as a health authority. It provides easy documentation that simplifies reporting and audits, allowing you to focus on the rest of your business.

3. It’s More Sustainable & Minimises Waste

Companies within food retail and production need to limit food waste and stay ahead of tighter regulations on toxins. Each year, rats contaminate and destroy enough food worldwide to feed 200 million people.

The connection between food waste and recalls is often ignored, however biological contamination by pests is the most common reason behind product recalls. Not only does it pose a huge financial risk, it could make or break a customer relationship. 21% of people at the centre of a recall would not buy any product from the same manufacturer again.

A key way to minimise waste and product recalls, and thereby sustain customer relationships, is by keeping pests out. Implementing an intelligent pest control system like SMART can present improvements within days.

It’s time to future-proof your food retail and production business and ensure that pests don’t compromise your success. Established for over 100 years and servicing more than 1.2 million clients annually, Flick is on a mission to take pest control into the future. Contact us today to find out more about SMART Pest Control for your company.

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