How Flick is Getting SMART in Supporting Sustainability

Flick Anticimex is cementing its position as Australia’s most sustainable pest control company with SMART Pest Control, an intelligent, non-toxic pest management system.

Protecting the health of the Australian community for over 100 years, Flick takes its corporate responsibility to minimise damage to the environment very seriously.

We constantly improve our processes and products to become more sustainable, and are helping corporate clients throughout Australia adopt SMART Pest Control, a sustainable, intelligent system which uses data rather than poison to trap pests.

SMART: The Next Generation of Pest Control

Flick’s SMART Pest Control is a revolutionary pest control solution for corporate clients and councils. By harnessing data and digital monitoring to eradicate rodents, cockroaches and flying insects, we negate the need for harmful pesticides which can be toxic to both the environment and people.

The ability to monitor the premises remotely also minimises the necessity of human contact, lowering Co2 emissions produced by vehicles and equipment.

Round-the-Clock Surveillance

Food retailers and manufacturers are becoming increasingly conscious about applying sustainable pest solutions which minimise risks to both employees and customers, while also neutralising the health risks presented by pests. The latter can carry numerous diseases.

A network of SMART boxes keeps even large-scale commercial food retail premises and factories under constant surveillance, without the need for poisonous baits or a high level of labour. The sensor system communicates any activity back to our technicians at the SMART Hub, while the catch boxes trap rodents, cockroaches and moths using non-toxic methods.

Streamlined Reporting for Health & Sustainability

For industries which are subject to strict compliance standards, SMART Pest Control streamlines the reporting process.

Clients have 24/7 access to a live portal which tracks all activity. Flick’s expert technicians also provide regular reporting. The secure system saves time and money in the long term, with information able to be pulled at a moment’s notice.

For food retailers, this improves performance at inspections, and minimises the risks of enforced product recall or damage. In an industry where reputation is everything, SMART is working constantly to protect both the business and the community. Flick is committed to making changes for the greater good, and we continue to review our sustainability goals to ensure real progress is being made. For more information on SMART Pest Control and Flick’s commitment to sustainability, please contact Flick on 1300 270 019 or email us today.


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