How We’re Changing Pest Control for FMCGs

In 2021, more environmentally-friendly practices are high on the agenda for most businesses. For the FMCG sector – and food retail and production in particular – pest control has always been challenging to do sustainably, as traditional methods rely on toxic pesticides.

Australia’s leading pest control company, Flick, is changing all of that. SMART Pest Control is presenting FMCGs with more sustainable methods, detecting pests using data and trapping them using non-toxic methods.

Replacing Outdated Pest Control With Leading-Edge Technology

Protecting the health of the Australian community for over 100 years, Flick takes its corporate responsibility to minimise damage to the environment very seriously. This includes constantly improving processes and products to be more sustainable and humane.

For example, the company no longer uses glue boards – a practice that is widely used by other companies but is an inhumane way of killing rodents. It not only prolongs their suffering, it means unsightly dead rodents may be visible to visitors. This is also the case when rodents are baited or trapped in snap traps. The dead rodents may also be eaten by pets or other animals.

SMART Pest Control removes this risk of secondary poisoning and traps pests using an intelligent and humane system.

SMART: The Next Generation of Pest Control for FMCGs

Flick’s SMART Pest Control harnesses data and digital monitoring to eradicate rodents, cockroaches and stored product moths, negating the need for harmful pesticides which can be toxic to both the environment and people.

A network of SMART boxes keeps even large-scale commercial food retail premises and factories under constant surveillance, without the need for poisonous baits or a high level of labour. It also increases the capability for onsite management, as it reduces the need for callouts.

The sensor system communicates any activity back to our technicians at the SMART Hub for tracking and reporting, while the catch boxes trap rodents, cockroaches and moths using non-toxic methods.

Streamlined Reporting for Health & Sustainability

For FMCG businesses which are subject to strict compliance standards, SMART Pest Control also streamlines the reporting process.

Our live portal tracks all activity 24/7. The secure system saves time and money in the long term, with pest activity information available at a moment’s notice.

Established for over 100 years and servicing more than 1.2 million clients annually, Flick is Australia’s leading pest control and hygiene company. Contact us today and start getting smarter about your company’s pest control.

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