Trends Indicate a Surge in Rodents this Winter: Is Your Business Prepared?

As the mercury drops, rodents go on the move, searching for warm places to hide and food to scavenge. Flick’s SMART Digital Pest Control has been monitoring and capturing data on rodent activity. With SMART units installed in businesses and government areas across Australia, we have been able to monitor rodent catches and activity to predict future rodent trends.

Our collected SMART data from the last 14 months shows an earlier increase in activity, than the same period as 2021 – prior to the mice plague extensively reported in the news. The catastrophic bushfires and changes in our climate contributed to highly elevated rodent numbers in winter 2021. This combined with extended flooding weather in the first quarter of 2022, are indicating that rodents could be extra busy in the coming months. Why should you be alarmed? Even if you don’t see them, rodents can cause serious physical damage and also carry around 200 known diseases.  

Rats and mice created widespread damage in Australia 2021 – mental anguish of farmers, contaminating of food products, spreading death and diseases, destroying property and crops, damaging machinery and critical infrastructure, and threatening professional businesses and brand reputation. The lasting effects of this damage can take years to recover from and is still being felt today.

Coming into winter having a better rodent solution for your business is worth exploring, especially when considering the predicted rodent trends. Don’t risk costly damage, it’s time to get SMART about rodent control.


Stop a Rodent Infestation the SMART Way 

Our SMART Digital Pest Control is a proactive rodent control solution, that can predict and possibly prevent a rodent infestation before it happens. SMART is a sustainable pest control solution that has disrupted the current market reliant on basic, reactive pest control.

Driven by data, SMART Digital Pest Control system allows us to monitor your premises 24/7 using the latest technology. It detects rodents and traps them in non-toxic catch boxes which are serviced by our Flick technicians.

Data from the sensors is constantly communicated back to our SMART hub. Our experts review the information in real time, detect potential issues and take action if necessary, preventing costly damage.


SMART Trends Predict a Surge in Rodents for Winter 2022

The ‘catch’ data from our customers SMART units allow us to forecast rodent activity trends in Australia. An analysis from January 2021 to March 2022 shows that catches rose sharply in winter nationally last year at the height of the problem (see graph below).

Notably for early 2022, national catch activity rose an additional +7.5% in January to February of this year than the same period last year– just before the rodent plague hit. The trending rodent catch numbers represented in this graph help us deduce extreme conditions that can wreak devastation again in 2022.


SMART shows increase in rodent activity from 2021 - 2022


Get SMART Before Winter

Continued damp conditions through April mean it is likely that the colder months of 2022 will see a surge in rodents. Installing SMART Digital Pest Control now will help safeguard your premises and reputation from costly damages.

Our team will make an initial assessment of your site, install and activate the SMART system, and attend your premises when necessary to make an inspection or service the boxes.

Thanks to the 24/7 monitoring system, reports can also be easily retrieved, ensuring that you are meeting your reporting requirements for health and safety standards.


An Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Pest Control

Unlike basic pest control methods, SMART uses non-toxic attractants, removing the risk posed to animals and people by poisonous bait. The multi-catch boxes are also a humane elimination system that require no contact from your employees.

Prepare for winter and prevent an infestation by getting SMART about your pest control today!

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