Celebrating 105 Years!

How Flick’s Values Help Us Stay On Top

Flick Pest Control just celebrated 105 years of service and our outlook remains as fresh and innovative as ever.

We’ve grown to become one of the APAC region’s leaders in pest control and hygiene, with 58+ branches across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Our 1,000+ technicians protect and service over 55,000 commercial sites and over 200,000 residential customers from pests every year.

“As we celebrate 105 years of excellence in pest control, I am proud to say that Flick’s success is rooted in our unwavering commitment to our core values of Trust, Innovation and Passion. Ultimately it’s our teams that underpins our success and continue to lead the industry. Here’s to another 105 years of protecting the community with innovative and sustainable solutions. ” said Jussi Ylinen, CEO Flick Anticimex

Flick’s unique mix of global technology and local knowhow gives us the edge. Here’s how our core values of Trust, Innovation and Passion help us maintain our position as industry leaders.

Trust comes with consistent Best in Practice delivery over time. For 105 years, the Flick name has been synonymous with quality service.

In 1918, our founder, W.A. Flick, started the W.A. Flick and Co. pest control business in Sydney, NSW. In the 1930s at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a sign writer came up with the infamous ‘Remember – One Flick and they’re gone!’ slogan. In 2002, Flick Pest Control was acquired by ISS World and expanded our product range to include washroom and hygiene services.

In 2013, the pest control and washroom services of ISS were acquired by Swedish company Anticimex. This brought new technology and sustainable solutions to meet the latest demands for pest control and hygiene for both individuals and businesses.

Strategic mergers and acquisitions have meant that Flick taps into both global technology and the local knowledge of our technicians, many of whom have been embedded in their communities for decades.

With a loyal customer base, we’ve also disrupted the industry with innovations for the modern customer including SMART solutions, which includes sensors, cameras, electronic traps and online reporting capability, supporting a preventative approach which enables early detection – a sustainable, resource efficient and economical model.

We’ve also revolutionised the residential market with our Flick Home Protection – a subscription model that offers flexibility to meet our customers’ expectations and the convenience our generation craves

Ultimately, it’s our team that underpins our success. With 1,500+ employees from our local branches to head office, Flick is an extended family. We continue to nurture that culture through our Annual Conference, professional development, career opportunities and a generous employee rewards program.

As we celebrate 105 years, we look forward to many years ahead protecting the community with exceptional pest control and hygiene.

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