Lilydale Pest Control

Our pest control services in Lilydale and the surrounding areas are safe and effective because they’re done by our local experts. We serve Chirnside Park, Mount Evelyn, Coldstream, Mooroolbark, Croydon North, Wandin North, Montrose, Kilsyth, Kalorama, Croydon Hills, Yering, Wonga Park, Croydon, and nearby areas. Since we’ve been serving Australia with pride for over a century, our knowledgeable specialists are dedicated to offering all Lilydale residents safe and efficient pest control solutions.

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Lilydale Pest Control

Flick pest control offices near Lilydale

Other nearby offices include Melbourne, Brooklyn, Ballarat and Geelong. Whether you are looking for emergency pest control or simply seek a preventative pest control plan, give our team a call on (03) 8580 7001.

Experienced Pest Control In Lilydale

If you need pest treatment in Melbourne, our team can help. Pest and rodent management have always been a priority for businesses. But, now more than ever, it’s critical that companies take preventative measures.

Our SMART Multi-Catch rodent control products are digitally monitored. That means we can help businesses in the greater Melbourne area identify problems before they escalate. We service all of Melbourne from our two convenient locations in Springvale and Sunshine West.

Flick has proudly served Aussies for over a century, and we continue to serve the people of Victoria by delivering safe and effective pest elimination solutions.

As a result of our 2016 merger with Amalgamated Pest Control, we’ve increased the scope and capacity of our services, offering top-tier treatment options for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Termite Treatments in Lilydale

Termites cause significant structural damage to buildings throughout Victoria, including Lilydale. Even urban areas of Melbourne need to be proactive regarding termites. We offer preventative termite inspections and management solutions to suit your home or business.

Rodent Control in Lilydale

Houses near Lillydale Lake are particularly vulnerable to rodents as they seek shelter in homes. Rats and mice spread diseases, spoil food and damage infrastructure. Don’t set traps hoping to catch a mouse. Book an inspection with Flick.

Seasonal Pest Challenges and Effective Pest Control Solutions

Rodent Alert

It’s rodent season! With favourable climatic conditions, certain regions are at higher risk of rodent infestations. Safeguard your property and ensure a rodent-free environment by contacting Flick Pest Control. Our expert team offers tailored solutions to combat rodent issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late – reach out to us today for effective and reliable rodent pest control services.

Home Protection Plans in Lilydale

We offer a variety of effective and affordable Home Protection pest control plans to suit your home and budget. You can choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze. Our rolling plans will eradicate crawling insects and common household pests with the ease of monthly payments. Home Protection offers a proactive approach to pest control, with affordable monthly plans for continual pest protection and termite prevention. Learn more. Subscribe and save to Home Protection for exclusive 12-month warranty. To protect your home from pests and termites with a Home Protection Plan call (03) 8580 7001 today.

Beware – Rodent Infestations on the Rise in Australia

There has been a concerning rise in rodent infestations across Australia in recent months. The increase in rodent populations can be attributed to various factors such as changes in weather patterns, urbanisation, and lack of effective pest control measures. Rodents not only pose a threat to human health by spreading diseases, but they also cause costly damage to property and agricultural crops. The most effective way to prevent further infestation is to mitigate and prevent rodents on your property. If you encounter any rodents, contact Flick Pest Control immediately. Our licensed technicians will create a tailored and effective rodent pest control solution for your residential or commercial property. With Flick Pest Control, you can trust that your property will be free from rodents and other pests, giving you peace of mind and a clean, safe environment.

Effective and Affordable Pest Control with 24/7 Digital Rodent Monitoring in Lilydale

SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring is a 24/7 non-toxic rodent monitoring system that is strategically installed in your home. If activity is detected, your local Flick team will contact you to arrange a treatment plan. SMART Digital Rodent Monitoring is included in our Gold Home Protection Plan and can be added-on to our Silver and Bronze plans. To find out more about Home Protection Plans and our SMART monitoring system, call (03) 8580 7001.

Wasp Nest Removal Service

Swarms of European wasps can be dangerous for those with allergies, small children and pets. Unlike bees, they can sting multiple times, causing agony. If you suspect you have a wasp nest on your property, don’t approach it. Call Flick to remove it safely.

Possum Removal

Possums are a protected species. However, their urine and faeces can stain your ceilings if they invade your roof or wall cavity. They can keep you awake at night and nest in your insulation, creating a fire hazard. Flick technicians are licenced to safely relocate possums, preventing them from returning.

Bed Bug Extermination Service

Bedbugs can be difficult to remove. Their small eggs are hard to see and have a long incubation period. Travellers can unsuspectingly carry the eggs, infesting your holiday rental or home. Don’t risk sleepless nights. Call Flick before the problem spreads.

Pest Management Solutions in Lilydale

Our highly qualified team of pest technicians have been treating homes in the Lilydale area for over a century. Our pest technicians are local and understand the pest pressures in Lilydale. We use the latest technology to ensure we keep your home free from termites, rodents and other creepy crawlies like spiders, ants and cockroaches. Don’t place the health and comfort of your home at risk. Call your local Flick team today to safeguard your home on (03) 8580 7001.

Real Estate Pest Control

Signs of vermin can financially ruin the success of real estate. Don’t let spider webs, rodent faeces or cockroaches affect your investment. Flick offers end of lease pest control and pre-sale treatment. Speak to Flick if your tenant has pets for our non-toxic flea treatment solution.

Washroom & Hygiene Solutions in Lilydale

Flick is your expert in washroom and hygiene solutions, providing commercial customers with a range of options for soap dispensers, odour control solutions, hand dryers and more. We provide service to local business owners, from retail food stores to local restaurants – we can develop a customised hygiene solution to suit every business need. If you need high-quality washroom and hygiene solutions in Lilydale, call your local Flick team.

Customer Reviews in Lilydale

Flick Pest Control Lilydale3.8 review us onJames O.James O. ★★★★★ Very easy to deal with and confident enough to leave and do our own thing while he was in our house. From the people on the phone to Damon the person doing the work was great.Rebecca F.Rebecca F. ★★★★★ We get our house sprayed annually by Flick. This is the second year in a row that we have had Ivan as our technician. Ivan provides great customer service and does a very thorough Job. Highly recommendAngus G.Angus G. ★★★★★ Luca has saved the day yet again! Very very happyGary N.Gary N. ★★★★★ My termite inspection experiences with Flick Anticimex have always been positive and professional. The latest one was exceptional as Joe took time to explain some issues I hadn't been aware of as well as how I could fix them.Jayne P.Jayne P. ★★★★★ Had Joe - Fantastic job- went above and beyond in his explanations of his role and pre-planning to avoid further problems.Eileen Scott S.Eileen Scott S. ★★★★★ Excellent service. Was able to book an inspection the next day. Inspector arrived when expected, was professional and very helpful.Kalen W.Kalen W. ★★★★★ We had Ivan come out today to do a termite/pest inspection and top up our reticulated system on a new built house. Unfortunately we found concrete in one of the top up pits from a shoddy concreting job by the landscaper. Ivan spent a good 30 minutes chiselling out the concrete so that he could access the top up points.We greatly appreciate that he was willing to do this. Other companies would likely have told us to get it fixed and then call them back to finish the service. But Ivan got stuck in and did what was necessary.I have FLICK manage my pest care needs at two properties and wouldn't have anyone else to do the job :)Josephine D.Josephine D. ★★★★★ The team at Flick are very professional. Luca takes care to make sure our workplace is safe and is responsive to any queries we have.mick W.mick W. ★★★★★ Excellent service, no complaints at allGuido Zurzolo does a great job for our aged care home (mercy place Wyndham)Manish GManish G ★★★★★ Mason Britten is great guy. Will prefer to have him doing job on site each time.Renee N.Renee N. ★★★★★ Damean was fantastic to deal with. He communicated well and explained everything. Thanks for doing a great job!Mansi R.Mansi R. ★★★★★ Flick team has been handling our pest control for a while now. Technician Damean Davis usually attends our site. He is very professional and does an amazing job. Always happy to assist with any issue we might have. :)It is great to have Flick team looking after our pest services.Roy A.Roy A. ★★★★★ The office has been rat and roaches free since our man Luca has been inspecting our space!js_loader

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