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As the foremost cockroach and pest control service provider in Melbourne, we are committed to addressing any pest infestations or issues impacting your home or business.

Melbourne’s climate, marked by temperate oceanic conditions and distinct seasons, can provide ideal conditions for cockroaches and other pests to thrive. Our team of professionally trained cockroach and pest technicians delivers safe and effective treatments, precisely targeting the affected areas of your property.

We offer comprehensive preventive cockroach inspections along with a selection of cockroach management solutions tailored to your specific home or business requirements.

Our service areas encompass a wide range of Melbourne suburbs, ensuring comprehensive coverage for our customers.

If you come across cockroaches, please don’t hesitate to call (03) 8580 7001 to consult with an expert for more information.

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Cockroach pest control Melbourne

Melbourne Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are a common presence in Melbourne homes, from Belconnen to Majura. They are particularly fond of dark, warm, and humid environments, especially where food crumbs are present.

Some cockroaches choose to nest under appliances like fridges, in tight cracks between cabinets, or even within coffee machines. Simply swatting them when they scuttle across your floor at night is a short-term solution.

To truly address the issue, you need to call a professional who can identify the cockroach species and treat them at the source. Whether it’s for your existing property, a renovation, or a new home construction, call (03) 8580 7001 to speak to our experts and schedule a cockroach inspection to effectively eliminate them.

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Melbourne Homes Are Susceptible to Cockroach Infestations

We are frequently called upon to treat homes in Melbourne for German and American cockroaches. These species were introduced to Australia and have since become common in Aussie households.

The American cockroach is larger and can easily fly in through open windows. They are attracted to warm appliances like fridge motors and hot water pipes. Large infestations emit a musty odor and leave traces of feces and brown egg cases. Each egg case can contain up to 16 eggs, leading to rapid infestation growth.

The German cockroach, smaller than the American variety, is more challenging to eradicate if left unchecked. This is because each egg capsule can contain between 30 and 48 eggs. Females are prolific breeders, capable of producing up to 20,000 offspring annually. German cockroaches can be found around sinks, dishwashers, bathroom cupboards, and crevices such as the undersides of drawers and behind skirting boards.

Spotting one German cockroach usually indicates the presence of many more.

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Cockroach in Melbourne business

Why Cockroaches Are a Concern for Commercial Establishments in Melbourne

We frequently provide cockroach treatments for office spaces, restaurants, and other businesses in Civic and surrounding areas of Melbourne. Kitchenettes and communal tea and coffee areas are particularly susceptible to infestations.

Crumbs from birthday cakes, biscuits stored in desk drawers, and improperly sealed food in kitchen cabinets can all attract cockroaches.

Cockroach infestations in your workplace can spread diseases to your employees and clients, negatively impact your brand, and deter customers. Don’t risk your reputation. Call (03) 8580 7001 to speak to our experts and schedule a cockroach inspection today.

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How to control cockroaches

DIY treatments are generally ineffective against cockroaches due to their rapid breeding cycle, often requiring multiple treatments for a long-term solution. That’s why it’s crucial to call a professional who can target cockroaches at their hiding spots and address the next generation.

Here are some ways to prevent cockroach infestations:

  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  • Dispose of cardboard boxes
  • Clean up crumbs regularly
  • Install fly screens on windows
  • Seal cracks in your property

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Cockoach in Melbourne home

Subscribe & Save to Pest Protection in Melbourne

Subscribe to one of our effective and affordable Home Protection Plans to protect your home and family from pests. Cockroaches are covered in our Gold, Silver and Bronze Home Protection Plans.

We have been servicing thousands of local homes in Melbourne and surrounding areas for over 100 years. Protect your property from cockroaches. Call (03) 8580 7001 today.

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Smart Digital Pest Control for Cockroaches Melbourne

We offer professional integrated and SMART digital pest control services for businesses in Melbourne, utilising the latest technology and tailored solutions to ensure a pest-free environment for your business. A pest infestation can harm your business reputation, result in costly damage, and pose serious health risks to your staff, clients, and customers.

Regardless of your business’s type and size, we can customise a plan for your workplace today. Schedule a site analysis or call (03) 8580 7001.

If you suspect you have a cockroach infestation, do not attempt to eliminate them yourself. Call (03) 8580 7001 and have your home or business inspected by a professional before the situation worsens.

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Beware – Rodent Infestations on the Rise in Australia

There has been a concerning rise in rodent infestations across Australia in recent months. The increase in rodent populations can be attributed to various factors such as changes in weather patterns, urbanisation, and lack of effective pest control measures. Rodents not only pose a threat to human health by spreading diseases, but they also cause costly damage to property and agricultural crops. The most effective way to prevent further infestation is to mitigate and prevent rodents on your property. If you encounter any rodents, contact Flick Pest Control immediately. Our licensed technicians will create a tailored and effective rodent pest control solution for your residential or commercial property. With Flick Pest Control, you can trust that your property will be free from rodents and other pests, giving you peace of mind and a clean, safe environment.

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Flick Pest Control Melbourne3.8 review us onDebbieDebbie ★★★★★ Ram did an excellent job of explaining the details of the Silver Plan services I had purchased. He was thorough and professional and I will be recommending your plan to others 🙂James O.James O. ★★★★★ Very easy to deal with and confident enough to leave and do our own thing while he was in our house. From the people on the phone to Damon the person doing the work was great.Rebecca F.Rebecca F. ★★★★★ We get our house sprayed annually by Flick. This is the second year in a row that we have had Ivan as our technician. Ivan provides great customer service and does a very thorough Job. Highly recommendAngus G.Angus G. ★★★★★ Luca has saved the day yet again! Very very happyGary N.Gary N. ★★★★★ My termite inspection experiences with Flick Anticimex have always been positive and professional. The latest one was exceptional as Joe took time to explain some issues I hadn't been aware of as well as how I could fix them.Jayne P.Jayne P. ★★★★★ Had Joe - Fantastic job- went above and beyond in his explanations of his role and pre-planning to avoid further problems.Eileen Scott S.Eileen Scott S. ★★★★★ Excellent service. Was able to book an inspection the next day. Inspector arrived when expected, was professional and very helpful.Kalen W.Kalen W. ★★★★★ We had Ivan come out today to do a termite/pest inspection and top up our reticulated system on a new built house. Unfortunately we found concrete in one of the top up pits from a shoddy concreting job by the landscaper. Ivan spent a good 30 minutes chiselling out the concrete so that he could access the top up points.We greatly appreciate that he was willing to do this. Other companies would likely have told us to get it fixed and then call them back to finish the service. But Ivan got stuck in and did what was necessary.I have FLICK manage my pest care needs at two properties and wouldn't have anyone else to do the job :)Josephine D.Josephine D. ★★★★★ The team at Flick are very professional. Luca takes care to make sure our workplace is safe and is responsive to any queries we have.mick W.mick W. ★★★★★ Excellent service, no complaints at allGuido Zurzolo does a great job for our aged care home (mercy place Wyndham)Manish GManish G ★★★★★ Mason Britten is great guy. Will prefer to have him doing job on site each time.Renee N.Renee N. ★★★★★ Damean was fantastic to deal with. He communicated well and explained everything. Thanks for doing a great job!js_loader

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