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Pest Control Alice Springs

Flick’s pest control services provide Alice Springs households and businesses with pest inspection and pest control services which include annual termite inspections, as well as pre-purchase screening of properties for termites and a range of other wood pests including wood decay and borer beetle.

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We also supply a variety of options to help you prevent termites when you are expanding an existing property or constructing a new one. We can also help you protect your current property from termites or eradicate an existing termite infestation. Our pest control services have helped homes and businesses in the Alice Springs area including:

  • Araluen
  • Gillen
  • Sadadeen
  • East Side

Ring our Alice Springs team at 08 8914 1600 and set up an appointment for a pest inspection, while receiving attractive prices on pest control solutions.

Termite Prevention and Control

Independent surveys reveal that an average of 34,000 homes per year experience termite trouble. The average price these homes pay as a result of the damage is $10,000. Termites or white ants are a problem in most of mainland Australia, and homes all over the country are at risk. This is also one reason termite insurance cannot be found in Australia. Fortunately, we offer termite protection and treatment packages for a wide range of situations, all of which are in strict compliance with Australian Standard AS 3660.2 – Termite Management.


As possums are a protected species, there are many strict requirements imposed by the law on how they are to be treated. Flick Pest Control Alice Springs abides by these requirements in order to give the animals the best possible shot at survival when they head back to their natural environment. We begin by undertaking a survey that identifies entry points that should be sealed to prevent future entry by possums. Next, a trapping and release procedure is carefully carried out. To find out more, speak with one of Flick Pest Control Alice Springs’s friendly representatives. As possums are given protection thanks to the Wildlife Act 1975 along with other native Australian animals, care must be taken not to hurt them in any way or keep them captive without permission from the Department of Conservation and Environment.


More than 35,000 spider species exist in the world, and Australia has its fair share of several thousand. All sorts of spiders with a variety of appearances exist here, but they are all identifiable by their eight legs. While they can be helpful when they eat insects that are pests, they can also be dangerous. Some spiders to look out for in your home include:

  • Huntsman spider – This spider is large and has a flat body. Its bite is poisonous but cannot kill a human.
  • Red back spider – This deadly spider is often found in or near homes, and can even eat small snakes, frogs, and insects.
  • Funnel web spider – This spider is black, has a large, bulky body and its bite can be fatal.
  • White-tailed spider – This spider hides in dark, cool places, and its bite can cause itching and swelling.

How to Prevent Spider Infestations

Spiders gain access to buildings through slits and gaps thanks to doors or windows without screens. Installing something that can keep draughts out can prevent spiders from entering. Most spiders become active at night. In order to avoid being bitten by a spider, take precautions like inspecting bedclothes every night and shaking clothes left on the floor before wearing them. Any offending spiders can be removed by placing them in a glass jar and then putting them outdoors. Turn lights off when not in use, because they tend to lure insects, which are spiders’ food. Any pots and furniture in the garden should be inspected before they are brought indoors. Children should be educated about the dangers of more harmful species like white-tailed spiders, as well as cockroaches and other insects they might encounter on the ground.


Many varieties of cockroach call Alice Springs home, such as the American, Australian and German types. German cockroaches, which are smaller, can invade electrical appliances. Their droppings can pose a health hazard and can even cause asthma attacks and trigger allergies. A fumigation treatment is usually needed to fully get rid of cockroaches. Here at Flick, we understand that the eradication of cockroaches should not come at the expense of your health. We use sustainable methods combining low toxic fumigation with cockroach bait gels.

Mice and rats

Alice Springs’s climate is quite warm, which makes it easy for rats and mice to thrive. These rodents often enter homes and then nest in roofs and wall cavities. They can cause severe damage to your property as they bite their way through furniture and structures in their search for nesting sites and food. Their droppings are also hazardous to health. If you are located near food and beverage businesses like restaurants, your risk of rodent infestations is even higher. Flick Alice Springs’s professionals can carry out an inspection to detect rats and mice. We also offer commercial rodent control solutions tailored to businesses like restaurants.

Other Pest Control Services

Our Alice Springs branch offers a wide variety of pest control solutions that can eradicate household pests such as the following:

Alice Springs Service Area

Flick Pest Control serves homes across all of Alice Springs and surrounding areas, including the following Alice Springs suburbs:

  • Araluen
  • Arumbera
  • Braitling
  • Ciccone
  • Connellan
  • Desert Springs
  • East Side
  • Flynn
  • Gillen
  • Ilparpa
  • Irlpme
  • Larapinta
  • Mount Johns
  • Ross
  • Sadadeen
  • Stuart
  • The Gap
  • Undoolya
  • White Gums

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