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Pest Control Ballarat

The Flick team of pest managers in Ballarat supply pest control services which eradicate and prevent a variety of pests which include ants, wasps, termites, bees, cockroaches, mice, rats, fleas, spiders and much more. Situated in Ballarat, Terang and Maryborough, Victoria, we cover the regions of Ballarat, Central Highlands, and Western Victoria.


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Here at Flick, we know how terrifying a pest problem can be, and pride ourselves on always responding swiftly and promptly every single day of the week, including weekends. Our mobile pest control units are on standby to respond to your every problem. While our technicians are situated in Ballarat, Terang, and Maryborough, we also serve a larger area comprising of Ballarat East, Ballarat Central, Ballarat Highlands, and Western Victoria region. We have clients in the following Victoria wide areas, including:

  • Melbourne
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Geelong

Our local team of pest control professionals have extensive experience in the area and can supply your home with the most appropriate pest control treatment.

Common Household Pests in Ballarat


Termites (also known as White Ants) are a common problem in Ballarat. To prevent infestations, it is recommended that termite inspections be conducted every three to twelve months on homes and businesses alike The actual frequency depends on the amount of wood the house is built with, as well as whether there have been problems with termites in the past. Termite colonies are often found in timber walls, floors, and roofs, chewing through just about anything made of wood or cellulose. Trained to catch the first signs of an infestation, the expert team of technicians at Flick can conduct a termite inspection and treat your property accordingly. Of course, there are times when an inspection is recommended regardless, such as when buying a home and after a flood. From preventative liquid perimeter treatments to emergency exterminations, you can trust the team at Flick to keep your home and family safe.


The bite of the Redback spider can be fatal, and these arachnids are scarily common in Ballarat. By finding and treating all possible hiding places, a Flick technician can properly apply a spider control treatment that ensures these eight-legged insects stay off your property once and for all. From cracks and crevices to floors, doors, and drainpipes, our expert team will stop spiders from feeding, breeding, and multiplying in your home or business. For effective spider control and a spider-free home, call our Ballarat team at 03 4408 6000.

Possum Removal

No matter how cute possums may look, never forget how destructive they can be, especially if they decide to make your property their home. Possum droppings and urine can cause health problems, and these critters also bite through electrical wiring, which is very expensive to repair. Native to Australia, possums are covered under the Nature Conservation Act of 1992 and therefore cannot be harmed. Keeping possums without first getting clearance from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment is also prohibited. Those who fail to comply with stipulations will be subject to heavy fines. Rather, consider hiring a licensed pest manager to visit your property, prepare a trap on your roof, and capture the possum in question.


Australian and American cockroaches are often seen scuttling around Ballarat. The smaller variety, German cockroaches, can often be found in electrical appliances. Cockroach droppings cause health problems like allergies and trigger asthma symptoms. Cockroach infestations are very difficult to destroy without a proper fumigation treatment. Our team utilises both bait gels and low-toxicity pesticide fumigation in order to offer a safe long-term solution to cockroach problems.

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice are a common sight in Ballarat and often hide in roofs and wall cavities. Rats can be extremely destructive, chewing through anything you can think of as they scout out food and nesting sites, leaving droppings that are hazardous to health. If your property is located a short distance from any food industry, you are more likely to suffer a rat infestation. Flick’s Ballarat expert pest control team gets rid of rats and mice in houses and also offers commercial rodent control designed for restaurants and other food businesses.

Other Pest Control Services

The expert team of technicians in Ballarat is proud to offer an array of pest control services, including but not limited to:

Ballarat Service Areas

Proud to be a premier provider of pest control in and around Ballarat, Flick Pest Control serves the following suburbs:

  • Wendouree
  • Sebastopol
  • Alfredton
  • Ballarat Central
  • Ballarat East
  • Delacombe
  • Ballarat North
  • Buninyong
  • Canadian
  • Brown Hill
  • Reda
  • Creswick
  • Mount Clear
  • Lake Wendouree
  • Soldiers Hill
  • Mount Helen
  • Miners Rest
  • Black Hill
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Western District
  • Central Highlands
  • All surrounding areas

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