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Looking for safe and effective pest control in Charleville and surrounding areas? Flick Pest Control can help. Since 2016, our merger with Amalgamated Pest Control has allowed us to expand our service increasing our ability to provide premier treatment solutions to residential, commercial and industrial properties alike.


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Having merged with Amalgamated Pest Control [APC] in September 2016, Flick Anticimex is proud and excited to now operate as one robust team. With years of experience under our belts, our local team of pest control experts provides safe and effective pest control solutions for homes and businesses alike. Committed to transparent communication and treatments that work, our reputation for reliable service has spanned the residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental sectres for over 100 years. All inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007) and 4349.3 (2010). Call our Charleville team to schedule your inspection and quote today.

Charleville Pests


Prone to invade any home or business made of or with timber, termites will bore a hole through your property and pocket alike. Early detection and prevention is key, as is complete removal of even the smallest of infestations. A premier provider of pest control solutions in and around Charleville, Flick Anticimex offers a wide range of termite control solutions, from pre-construction and post-flooding inspections to liquid perimeter and chemical soil treatments. Each evaluation will include a detailed extermination and maintenance plan, with recommendations on the best products for your property as well as how to prevent infestations in the future. From even the first sign of an invasion, call your local experts today to save time and money tomorrow.


Both common and dangerous, the Redback spider is as perfect example of why professional spider control is so critical. An expert in arachnid detection, eradication, and prevention, the local team of pest professionals in Charleville has the experience and education it takes to protect your home and business from these eight-legged creepy crawlies. From cracks and crevices to doors and drain pipes, we treat the areas not just where spiders hide but where they enter, ensuring that your home or business will be, and remain, Redback-free.

Tips For Avoiding Spiders

  • Wear gloves when gardening or working with/in soil.
  • Wear appropriate footwear both in- and outside (check in each shoe before putting it on!)
  • Put away toys and other potential nesting spots for spiders at night


Both American and Australian cockroaches are replete in Charleville, as is the smaller German species with its tendency to invade electrical appliances. Ugly critters at best, cockroach droppings pose a hazard to health, and are difficult to eradicate without a complete and proper fumigation treatment. At Flick Anticimex, our expert team of techs has the local know-how needed to rid your home or business of these ancient critters once and for all. With a combination of bait gels and low-toxicity fumigation techniques, our safe and effective treatment solutions is ideal for residential and commercial applications alike.

Additional Pest Control Services

We proudly offer a variety of expert pest control solutions, including for the following common pests:

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