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Pest Control Innisfail

Powered by Flick Anticimex, our Amalgamated Pest Control branch in Innisfail provides pest control and termite inspections services.


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Merged in September 2016, the team of technicians at Flick Anticimex and Amalgamated Pest Control are proud to be the premier provider of pest control solutions in and around Innisfail. A trusted name across Australia for over 100 years, our comprehensive line of safe and effective pest control ensures not just the integrity of your home or business but the health and safety of your family and customers. Dedicated to upholding only the highest of national and international standards, each of our inspections and treatments follow Australian Standards 4349.0 (2007) and 4349.3 (2010). To learn more about our extensive range of Innisfail services, give us a call at 07 4061 2947.

Common Pests in Innisfail


Bent on eating their way through any structure constructed of wood, termites will cause costly and irreparable damage to your home or business if left to feast unchecked. At Flick Anticimex, we understand how destructive these pests can be, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure that we rid them from your property once and for all. We emphasize the importance of preventative treatment, and encourage both pre-construction inspections and post-flooding evaluations to maintain complete protection of your property. Depending on how much of your structure is made of timber, all homes and businesses in Innisfail should request a termite inspection every three to twelve months.


Cute at first glance, possums will soon chew through electrical wiring, get stuck in roofs, and can even spread disease through their droppings and urine. Unfortunately, possums are protected under Australia’s Nature Conservation Act of 1992, and any home or business owner who harms, kills, or captures them will face heavy fines. Rather than risk a hit on both your property and wallet, trust the licensed pest control managers at Flick to ensnare and relocate these pesky marsupials once and for all.


While some varieties are simply a nuisance, certain species of spider such as the Redback can have fatal consequences for those who get too close. Trained to seek out and exterminate these deadly critters in both their natural habitat and your home, the Innisfail techs at Flick will leave no stone unturned in their quest to ensure your safety: from windows, doors, and drain pipes to nooks, crannies, cracks, and crevices, our prompt and professional service is the ultimate guarantor of protection.


A bane of humans since the dawn of time, cockroaches are nigh impossible to get rid of without prompt and professional pest control care. Using a unique combination of bait gels and low-toxicity fumigation pesticides, the Innisfail team of techs at Flick will eradicate your property of these creepy critters once and for all. From the larger American and Australian varieties to the smaller German species and its tendency to invade electrical appliances, cockroaches aren’t just ugly to look at, but can also cause health problems for those with allergies or asthma. To protect your home and family from these ancient insects, contact the Innisfail pros at 07 4061 2947.

Rats & Mice

Whether you own a restaurant, manage a food-packing plant, or simply have a tendency to leave food unopened in your pantry, rats and mice are apt to overrun your property as if it were their own. Harbingers of disease with a voracious appetite for anything in their reach, these rodents will stop at nothing to find a place to feed and breed. From residential to commercial and industrial treatment solution, the Innisfail team of pest control pros has the education and experience it takes to protect your property before rodents chew a hole through your walls and wallet alike.

Pest Control Services in Innisfail

In addition to those above, the seasoned team of techs at Flick is proud to provide the following pest control solutions to home and business owners in Innisfail:

  • Flies
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas

Innisfail Service Area

We provide residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services to Innisfail and all surrounding suburbs. Find out if we cover your home or business by calling 07 4061 2947.

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